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Pall's proprietary membranes and media technology enable scientists to advance their most challenging applications. Such membranes can be found within our broad selection of multiwell filter plates and centrifugal devices. We invite you to sit down with our Product Manager to learn about what makes the Pall range of plates and spins an invaluable option to researchers across a variety of applications.

As sample volumes get smaller and more numerous, so the need for novel methods to quickly purify samples and improve assays increases. The AcroPrep™ family of filter plates encompasses a range of low to high throughput multiwell plates.

Conversely, Pall centrifugal devices enable scientists to concentrate and purify sample volumes of less than 50μL to 60μL, with high flow rates and low protein binding for maximum sample recovery.

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Webinar key topics:

  • Learn about Pall's offering for life science research workflows
  • Understand how to select the best device for the task
  • After-sales support offered by technical teams

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Our Speakers

team member

Lori Euler

Global Product Manager - Molecular, Pall

team member

Chris Blackley

Technical Specialist, Pall

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