Smart Plastics: Improving qPCR Reliability and Reproducibility by Eppendorf

How to produce more reliable data in qPCR by using smart plastics?

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The importance of disposable plastic consumables and their overall impact on the experimental workflow of qPCR has only been marginally considered, if at all. However, laboratory plastics, such as tubes, tips, and plates, are integral components of any laboratory and qPCR workflow. Contrary to common belief, plastics can have a direct and crucial impact on experimental outcome and data validity. The choice of high quality plastics can really make the difference. As a consequence, you can rely on your data, save time and money and ensure peace of mind.

Webinar Key Topics:

  • Smart consumables - how they may contribute to improve experimental reproducibility and data quality
  • LoBind, Leaching, PCR Consumables

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Our Speaker

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Rafal Grzeskowiak

Field Application Specialist, Eppendorf AG.

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