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Molecular Probes™ Alignflow™ Flow Cytometry Alignment Beads for UV Lasers, 2.5 µm

Alignflow™ Flow Cytometry Alignment Beads for UV Lasers, 2.5 µm

Brand:  Molecular Probes™ A16502

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Molecular Probes™ AlignFlow™ flow cytometry alignment beads are reliable references for aligning, focusing, and calibrating flow cytometers.The 2.5μm Alignflow™ Flow Cytometry Alignment Beads for UV Lasers are fluorescent-dye infused microspheres that are optimally excitable between 350-370 nm with emission in the range of 400-470 nm, but that can also be excited by a violet laser.

View information for all flow cytometry calibration and size reference beads.

AlignFlow™ beads provide:

  • Uniformity—very low FSC CV and intensity CV
  • Consistency in production, creating ideal reference standards
  • Confidence through reliable, optimal instrument performance
  • Compatibility—use with any instrument

    The AlignFlow™ beads are highly uniform with respect to size and fluorescence intensity, resulting in low FSC CV and intensity CV. The beads approximate the size, emission wavelength, and intensity of many biological samples and permit the calibration of the flow cytometer’s laser source, optics, and stream flow without wasting valuable and sensitive experimental material.

    Bead Labeling
    As with all of our flow cytometry standard microspheres, the AlignFlow™ beads are stained internally rather than on the surface. The dyes are therefore insulated from environmental interactions that could cause variable fluorescence output, resulting in excellent signal stability. These fluorescent polystyrene microspheres are supplied as suspensions packaged in dropper vials for convenient dispensation and are available in a choice of three colors (UV, blue, red) and two sizes (2.5μm, 6.0μm) to match your laser.

    The AlignFlow™ flow cytometry reference beads are provided in updated packaging that includes a Quick Reference Label that puts key information for product use at your fingertips.

    These beads replace previous AlignFlow™ flow cytometry reference bead products. This particular product replaces AlignFlow™ Flow Cytometry Alignment Beads, 2.5μm, for UV excitation (A7304).
  • Specifications


    Contains 2 vials of Alignflow™ beads (1.5 mL per vial). Store at 2–8°C.
    Room Temperature
    2.5 μm
    Flow Cytometer


    Special Offers

    Special Offers

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.