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Molecular Probes™ Chromatin Condensation & Membrane Permeability Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with Hoechst 33342, YO-PRO™-1, and PI dyes, for flow cytometry

Vybrant™ Apoptosis Assay Kit #7 - Hoechst 33342/YO-PRO™-1/propidium iodide - 200 assays

Brand:  Molecular Probes™ V23201

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This product detects apoptotic cells with changes in nuclear chromatin condensation and plasma membrane permeability, using three nucleic acid stains: UV-excitable Hoechst 33342, green fluorescent YO-PRO™ dye, and propidium iodide. The YO-PRO™ dye can enter apoptotic cells, whereas red-fluorescent propidium iodide (PI) cannot. Thus after staining with YO-PRO™-1 dye and PI, apoptotic cells show green fluorescence, and dead cells show primarily red fluorescence and some green fluorescence. Blue fluorescent Hoechst 33342 brightly stains the condensed chromatin of apoptotic cells and more dimly stains the normal chromatin of live cells. The staining pattern resulting from the simultaneous use of these three dyes makes it possible to distinguish normal, apoptotic and dead cell populations by flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy.

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Chromatin Condensation and Membrane Permeability Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit, 1 Kit, 200 rxns, Tube Format, 461nm Emission (Hoechst 33342), 350nm Excitation (Hoechst 33342), 617nm Emission (PI), 535nm Excitation (PI), 509nm Emission (YO-PRO™-1), 491nm Excitation (YO-PRO™-1), 2 to 8°C Storage Temperature, Water Soluble
0.2M Hydrochloric acid/Methanol (1:500 dilution), Methanol (1:10 dilution), 50mM phosphate buffer, 7pH (1:20 dilution)
2°C to 8°C
Hoechst 33342, Propidium Iodide, YO-PRO™-1
1 Kit
1 vial of Hoechst 33342, 1 vial of YO-PRO™-1, and propidium iodide
Chromatin Condensation and Membrane Permeability Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit
Cell Viability, Cellular Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Pharms and Biopharma, Proliferation and Function, Target-based ADME/Tox Assays


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