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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Gaussia Luciferase Flash Assay Kit

Assay regulatory element transcriptional activity in mammalian culture media or whole cell lysates with this highly sensitive flash-based Gaussia luciferase kit.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 16159

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The Thermo Scientific™ Pierce Gaussia Luciferase Flash Assay Kit provides researchers with the most sensitive assay for transcriptional activity of regulatory elements in mammalian cell culture media and whole cell lysate.

This Flash Assay Kit contains reagents for measuring the activity of Gaussia luciferase in mammalian cell culture media and lysates. When used with Thermo Scientific Gaussia Luc Vectors, the kit provides an extremely sensitive bioluminescent reporter assay system for secreted or intracellular detection of promoter or pathway activity. Gaussia luciferase is highly secreted into the cell culture media, allowing for live cell monitoring of reporter activity. The signal produced by Gaussia is considerably greater than signal from either firefly or Renilla luciferases assayed under similar conditions.


  • Sensitive – 1000 times greater sensitivity allows utilization of smaller numbers of cells

  • Cost effective – highest sensitivity assays result in decreased reagent consumption

  • Secreted luciferase – allows real-time assays and kinetic studies without destroying cells

  • Time-saving – assays using secreted luciferases require minimal sample handling

  • Automation-friendly – amenable to high throughput screens

  • Convenient – contains a universal cell lysis buffer and optimized flash assay reagent

  • Safe – allows one to perform non-radioactive assays


Cell lysis buffer, reaction buffer and substrate


Gaussia luciferase and luminometer or other instrument capable of monitoring luminescence, such as Thermo Scientific Luminoskan Ascent and Varioskan Flash Microplate Readers

Recommended for:

Promoter studies for analyzing cis- regulatory elements and trans-acting factors; Drug screening; siRNA and miRNA screening; Multiplexed assays to study off-target effects; Secretory pathway / protein localization reporter assays; Signal transduction pathway analysis; RNA splicing studies



Reporter Enzyme, Luciferase Reporter Assay
384-well plate, 96-well plate
Chemical Substrate
Luciferase, Gaussia Luciferase
Assay Kit
Mammalian Cells
Luminometer (Microplate)
Enzyme Labeled
Luciferase Substrate
Enhanced Chemiluminescence
1000 rxn kit