From LC/MS to HPLC to Gas chromatography, Fisher Chemical offers a broad portfolio of high-purity solvents, solvent blends and additives specially designed and manufactured for use in chromatography applications.

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New Specification: Optima LC/MS Now Optimized for UHPLC-UV Applications

  • Optimized for UHPLC-UV. Novel gradient elution test in the full UV range (200-400 nm) ensures extremely low levels of UV-absorbing impurities
  • Sub-micron filtration of Optima™ LC/MS solvents prolongs the life and effectiveness of UHPLC components, such as inlet filters, check valves and seals, injectors, and columns by reducing instrument downtime and maintenance cost
  • Filtration feature provides very low particle content for maximum purity
  • Dual functionality – use for LC/MS and UHPLC-UV
Karl Fischer titration

Your solution for water content determination by Karl Fischer titration

Our Fisher Chemical™ Aqualine™ Karl Fischer reagents portfolio is designed to meet the needs of the analytical chemist by providing accurate water content determination using volumetric or coulometric titration with unique benefits.

  • Fast – Reach the endpoint quickly
  • Convenient – Long product shelf-life
  • Reliable – Very stable endpoint 

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