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When products you need are not readily available off the shelf from a catalogue, you can save time and resources by turning to the company you can trust for your custom chemical requirements.

We customize our products to meet your requirements, offering you an ideal solution. We distill, blend, test, package, and deliver chemicals tailored to your needs.

We also offer returnable drum delivery system!

Using Mass Spectrometry? You have to get this poster!

Common Background Contamination Ions in Mass Spectrometry

In this poster, the accurate mass of elements, organic solvents and all potential contaminant ions observed in mass spectrometry are listed in 12 useful tables to help troubleshoot potential contamination in LC-MS systems.

Common background contamination ions encountered in mass spectrometers are polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, phthalates, organic solvent clusters, solvent modifiers, fatty acids, metal ions, tritons, tweens and siloxanes. Metal ions form adducts with varying numbers of substrates to give characteristic ESI+ ions. Such common contaminant groups are split over 12 separate tables for easier investigation.

The Laboratory Reagents Handbook reflects the choice of Fisher Chemical solvents and reagents available from Fisher Scientific

Reference handbook for the analytical chemist on the bench and includes:

  • Over 4400 Fisher Chemical products dedicated to many analytical application including more than 250 new products as Optima LC/MS solvents and high purity acids for Trace Elemental analysis
    • Color coded application
    • Physical & Chemical data
    • Hazard, packaging and storage information
    • Specification
  • The full Fisher BioReagents product range. Find out more here »
  • Two classifications – to simplify your searches
  • Classification by applications
  • Alphabetical classification and quality  in decreasing order



Optima LC/MS Interview

Cara Cesario, Product Manager for Optima LC/MS Solvents, discusses how Optima solvents and blended solvents save researchers time and money, allowing them to focus on the research. Additionally, Cara reviews Specialized Chemical Services, allowing customers to order a custom blended chemical or solvent.


Find the perfect solvent match! Your highly-calibrated scanning machinery deserves high-purity, high-intensity solvents to limit metal content and background peaks. Stop looking for solvents in all the wrong places, and find perfect chemistry with Fisher Chemical Optima.