Bolle Safety

Bolle Protection™ Polyester Neck Cord

Keep track of your Bolle Protection™ safety glasses with the Polyester Neck Cord, a helpful accessory. X10 CORD FOR SAFETY EYEWEAR

Bolle Protection Cobra Hybrid Safety Glasses Strap and Foam Kit

Suitable strap and foam for converting glasses to goggles. FOAM AND STRAP KIT COBRA

Bolle Protection™ Mamba Safety Glasses

Technology-approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality with anti-fog and antiscratch coatings, the Bolle Protection™ Mamba Safety Glasses offer 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. SAFETY GLASSES MAMBA COLORLESS

Bolle Protection Slam Safety Glasses

Stylish, easy-to-wear, provides protection at all times, and offers unbeatable comfort. SAFETY GLASS SLAM WELDING SHADE 5

Bollé™ Safety Rush+ Small Safety Glasses

Bollé™ RUSH+ Small adopts an ultra-sporty design and is now available in this small size for narrower faces. 1PR Safety spectacle rush small

Bolle Protection™ B-Line BL11CI Safety Glasses

Clear lens, perfect optical quality, anti-scratch safety glasses. Bolle Protection™ B-Line BL11CI Safety Glasses come with 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. SPEC COVER BLINE CLEAR ANTISCRATCH

Bolle Protection™ Atom Model Polycarbonate Safety Goggle


Bolle Protection Pilot Safety Goggles

Co-injected, ventilated frame guarantees unequalled adaptability and comfort. GOGGLES PILOT CLEAR

Bolle Protection™ Rush RUSHPSF Safety Glasses

Safety spectacles, light, panoramicfield, made to EN166 polycarbonate low energy

Bolle Protection™ Lens Tissue Paper Packs

500ML B250 anti fog lens cleaner spray

Bollé™ Safety Baxter Safety Spectacles

Bollé™ Baxter safety spectacles deliver total comfort thanks to their highly wraparound frame, and with their removable waterproof foam straps, offer effective protection from solid and liquid sprays and dust. Baxter Clear Pc Lens, Platinum Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog Coating, Black And Blue Pc Frame

Bolle Protection Tracker Safety Goggles

Ultra-comfortable, technical, and provides protection from all mechanical and chemical risks. SAFETY GLASSES TRACKER PC SMOKY

Bolle Protection Squale Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses

Provide excellent protection for wearers of prescription glasses. WELDING GLASSES SQUALE WPC5

Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Goggles

Let Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Goggles provide the affordability and flexibility that give you comfortable protection. The goggles have a wrap-around fit. SAFETY GOGGLES BLAST

Bolle Protection™ Viper VIPCF, Smoke-colored Safety Glasses

Smoke-colored lens, general safety glasses designed for all-around vision. Bolle Protection™ Viper VIPCF, Smoke-colored Safety Glasses include adjustable temples to fit all face shapes. SPECTACLES VIPER BLACK NYLON FRAME ANTI-SCRATCHlens size 5 polycarbonate tinted lens Bolle,

Bolle Protection™ B-line Polycarbonate Goggles

Manufactured by BOlle Protection™ B-line Polycarbonate Goggles have a clear lens and are utilitarian and useful for industrial safety. GOGGLES B-LINE POLYCARBONATE CLEAR LENS, DIRECTvented EN 166

Bolle Protection Baxter Safety Goggles

Wraparound frame, waterproof foam, and adjustable strap provide comfort and protection from sprays, solids, liquids, and dust. Baxter Smoke Pc Lens - Platinum Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog Coating - Black And Blue Pc Frame

Bolle Protection™ Spider SPIESP Safety Glasses

Sporty looking safety glasses that provide protection for outdoor activities. Bolle Protection™ Spider SPIESP Safety Glasses come with anti-scratch/anti-fog lenses. SAFETY GLASSES SPIDER ESP

Bolle Protection™ IRIDPSI Polycarbonate Safety Glasses, Reading Area

Ultra-modular and infinitely adaptable safety glasses with dioptric corrective lenses. Bolle Protection™ IRIDPSI Polycarbonate Safety Glasses with Reading Area come with anti-scratch/anti-fog lenses. X10 Iris clear with ready reader addition BOLLE

Bolle Protection™ Metal Nickel Free Frame, Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses

Wear Bolle Protection™ Metal Nickel Free Frame, Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses featuring Contour metal, which is stylish and effective. SAFETY GLASSES CONTOUR METAL CLEAR

Bolle Protection™ Microfiber Spectacle Pouch


Bolle™ COBRA Wrap-around Safety Glasses

Offers 180° vision and perfect optical quality. Bolle™ COBRA Wrap-around Safety Glasses are the essential all rounder with panoramic visual field. X10 SAFETY GLASSES COBRA ESP ANTI-SLIP

Bolle Protection™ Spider Safety Glasses

Provides protection at all times while offering unbeatable comfort. Bolle Protection™ Spider Safety Glasses are stylish and easy-to-wear. X10 SAFETY GLASSES SLAM

Bolle Protection™ Safety Glasses


Bolle Protection™ Nylon Frame Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses

Wear the unique saffron-colored Bolle Protective™ Nylon Frame Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses. These comfortable one-piece safety glasses stand out for their sporty design. SAFETY GLASS TARGA CLEAR FRAME YEL

Bolle Protection™ CONTOUR CONTPOL

Protect workers with sturdy, protective, comfortable and lightweight safety spectacles. The Bolle Protection CONTOUR CONTPOL Safety Spectacles are designed to adapt perfectly to noses, so the frame sits perfectly on your face. SAFETY GLASSES CONTOUR POLARISED

Bolle Protection™ Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses, OTG

Enjoy guaranteed maximum safety for all, including wearers of prescription glasses, with Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses, Over The Glasses (OTG), also featuring a highly wrap-around and attractive style. SAFETY GOGGLES COVER ALL VENT.

Bolle Protection™ Lens Cleaning Products

Keep the view clear from your Bolle Protection™ safety glasses with Lens Cleaning Products that include tissues and an anti-fog kit. KIT ANTI-FOG

Bolle Protection Cobra TPR Safety Goggles

Especially suitable for clean industries and the agro-food industry. Cobra TPR with clear lens, Neoprene strap and comfort foam

Bolle Protection™ Brass Frame Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses

Safety glasses built to combine technology, ergonomics and style. Bolle Protection™ Brass Frame Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses come with anti-scratch/anti-fog lenses. X10 SAFETY GLASSES SILIUM


For 120 years, Bollé Safety has been one of the indisputable leaders in the safety eyeglasses market.

Established in 1888 in Oyonnax in the Ain region of France, Bollé has just begun its second century of business.

Bollé has become a byword for quality and enjoys a glowing international reputation for sports, safety eyeglasses and protective eyewear.

Our plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling our brand of safety eyeglasses to be accepted by clients in many countries all over the globe.

It is an unrivalled nylon specialist and can proudly claim to produce the finest lens surface treatment in the world, selling more than 5 million pairs of safety eyeglasses and protective eyewear every year...