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Thermo Scientific Chemicals

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Consistent and Reliable Research Chemicals and Bioreagents

From chemical synthesis to materials science, shop from over 80,000 reagents, building blocks, solvents, solutions and more. Available in convenient pack sizes and with specifications suitable for your experiments, you’ll find products that support your research, development and production needs. Browse our extensive catalogue and custom offerings to get started.

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New Brand, Same Trusted Formula

Learn about the consolidation of Acros Organics, Alfa Aesar and Maybridge under the Thermo Scientific brand.

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Browse Bulk and Custom Chemicals

Save time and resources when you customise your order. Rely on our expertise and supply chain for access to top reagents.

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Search by Chemical Structure

Conduct your search by drawing your molecule or uploading its chemical structure.

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Organic Chemistry Lab Products

Thousands of Options for Your Reseach

Browse over 40,000 organic chemicals to help you transform starting molecules, create the right reaction conditions and more. You’ll find moisture-sensitive reagents and a broad range of building blocks, as well as products for preparation, purification and analysis of organic compounds.

Celebrating 25 Years of AcroSeal Packaging

Learn how AcroSeal packaging has evolved to become an innovative storage solution for your chemicals and reagents.

Applied Chemistry and Materials Science Lab Products

Synthesise with Confidence

Explore a variety of inorganic chemicals, catalysts and high-purity metals manufactured to exacting standards for your research. With these products, you can synthesise compounds and contribute to other materials used in energy production, electronics manufacturing and battery development.


Interact with the Periodic Table

Bookmark or print this easy-to-use reference tool and learn about all 118 elements.

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Life Sciences Lab Products

Meet a Variety of Needs

Whether you’re looking for prequalified essential reagents or libraries of diverse drug-like molecules designed to accelerate your discovery process, we’re here to support your experiments. You can also access a number of bioactive molecules, including antibiotics, amino acids and signal transduction reagents.


Validate New Molecular Targets

Rely on our chemical probes for your research and therapeutic applications.

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Analytical Lab Products

Extensive Experience for Trusted Results

Analyse and purify with our complete portfolio of dry reagents, salts, standards, solutions and high-purity solvents. Choose reliable chromatography solvents and blends to protect your sensitive instruments, optimise results and meet laboratory standards.


A Powerful Chromatography Collection

Browse reliable, ultra-high purity solvents, flush solutions, mobile phases and standards.

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New and Featured Products

Try the following top-selling and innovative options for your laboratory research.

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