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A bottle designed for easy pipetting.

Biosafety cabinets and clean hoods are essential for working with cell cultures under sterile conditions. Unfortunately, they make the handling of media bottles difficult and time-consuming for researchers. The DURAN™ TILT bottle changes everything. The TILT bottle has two positions: upright for filter sterilization or storage and tilted at 45° for pipetting. Take a look at cell culture media from a new angle and discover a bottle system that eases handling and turns usability into security.


  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3, with a polypropylene cap
  • Unique 45° TILT position for easy pipetting without holding the bottle
  • Low bottle height for easy handling in safety cabinets
  • The wide GL 56 mouth ensures safe and easy pipetting and helps avoid contamination
  • Tilted volume indicators, visible from both sides for the convenience of left and right-handed users
  • Space saving shape for fridge storage and use in water baths
  • Accommodates even large volume pipettes (100mL)
  • Vacuum resistant bottle for safe filter sterilization
  • Ergonomic cap, made from non-cytotoxic materials, is easy to open and close
  • Award winning design. Winner of the 2016 GOOD DESIGN™ Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design



In the upright position, the DURAN™ TILT bottle system is ideal for filter sterilizing or clarifying cell culture media. Low bottle height is practical in the biosafety cabinet. The DURAN™ GL 45 thread adaptor allows any 45mm filter units to be used.



In the 45° tilted position, the DURAN™ TILT bottle makes pipetting of media easier under a hood. The innovative design enables both good aseptic and ergonomic practice.

Product Details

DURAN™ TILT Media Preparation Bottle, GL 56

DURAN™ TILT Media Preparation Bottle

The DURAN™ TILT bottle system was specifically developed for preparing and pipetting of cell culture media.

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DURAN™ TILT Protective Light Shield

DURAN™ TILT Protective Light Shield

The DURAN™ TILT Light Shield is a white silicone sleeve that covers 94% of the bottle surface. The sleeve has a number of protective functions: it blocks damaging ultraviolet light (UV), protects the glass surface from damage, and facilitates safer handling. DURAN™ TILT Light Shield includes four GL 56 Bottle Tags (Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple) made from silicone.

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DURAN™ GL 56 Bottle Tags

DURAN™ GL 56 Bottle Tags

These bottle tags can be used on their own for color identification or to secure a protective light shield around the bottle. They are available in four colors (orange, yellow, blue, and purple).

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