Stevanato Group EZ-fill™ Vials

Main Benefits

Why Choose EZ-fill™ Vials?


Ideal for drug development processes, from first line trials through to commercialization, as well as small batch manufacturing.


Remove cost, time and complexity associated with particulate cleaning, depyrogenation and sterilization through the use of Ready-to-Use (RTU) vial solution.


Improve product quality and patient safety with RTU vials packed in tray or nest and tub secondary packaging that eliminates glass-to-glass contact.

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Applicable Solutions

Vial trays

About Stevanato Group EZ-fill™ Vials

  • Particulate clean, depyrogenated and sterile vials in a Nest and Tub or Partitioned Trays
  • ISO 8362-1 2R, 4R, 6R, 10R, and 20R vials, manufactured from borosilicate type 1, 51 expansion glass, with European Blowback
  • Secondary packaging is designed for direct entry into aseptic filling operations to prevent glass-to-glass contact for higher patient safety and product quality:
    • Nest and Tub configurations suitable for both manual filling at lab scale and direct entry into flex fill, robotic, and combi filling operations
    • Tray configurations suitable for manual filling at laboratory scale and for in-line filling operations
  • World’s most widely adopted RTU platform ensures compatibility with different fill and finish processes, enabling the adoption of multi-product lines

Discover the Product

1 Ready-to-Use

Ready-to-use primary packaging helps to accelerate the drug development journey, by increasing operational flexibility in aseptic filling and enabling a move towards personalized medicines and biologics.

2 Facilitate Operations

Stevanato Group’s EZ-fill™ Vials help streamline operations by removing steps such as cleaning, depyrogenation and sterilization so you can concentrate on your core competencies of drug development and production.

3 Scalable

At lab scale, companies can rely on Stevanato Group EZ™ fill vials to increase reliability in the drug development process by enabling access to commercial scale quality at development stage cost.

4 Widely Adopted

Stevanto Group’s EZ-fill™ Vials are also the world’s most widely adopted Ready-to-Use vial standard, and their adoption at the early stages of drug development will reduce the time, cost and complexities of the future transition to commercial scale production.

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Stevanato Group EZ-fill™ Vials

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Stevanato Group EZ-fill™ Vials

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