Water Purification

Fisherbrand™ accuSolo Clinical Pack

Uses ion-exchange technology to remove ionic contaminants below trace level. Fisher Scientific™ AccuSolo Clinical Pack provides the water quality required for clinical applications. AccuSolo Clinical Pack

Thermo Scientific™ Deionizer Cartridges

Choose from an array of Thermo Scientific™ Deionizer Cartridges for select Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ water systems, based on your application. ULTRAPURE CARTRIDGE FR NANO/B-PURE

Cole-Parmer™ Filter Housing Cartridge Coupler

Cole-Parmer™ Filter Housing Cartridge Coupler allows you to use multiple 10-inch filters in a 20-inch or 30-inch housing. CARTRIDGE COUPLERS 5/PK

Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Nanopure™ Accessories and Consumables

Optimize your water purification system with Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Nanopure™ Accessories and Consumables. CARTRIDGE KIT ORGANIC FREE R/O ANDdistilledfeed for use with DIamond water system

Merck™ AFS™ Water Purification System Accessory, Storage Tank

For use with AFS Water Purification System 10 LITER PE RESERVOIR FOR AFS HF

Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Receiver Adapters, Straight, with Glass Olive

Provides for safe and secure connection to condensers in the laboratory. Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Receiver Adapters, Straight, with Glass Olive are manufactured from durable DURAN™ borosilicate glass.
Receiver adapter Duran straight NS 29/32

Fistreem International™ Wall-mounting Bracket


Thermo Scientific™ Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Choose the required Thermo Scientific™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane for your Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ point of use water purification system, as indicated. RO MEMBRANE FOR LABTOWER EDI15

Elgas™ Single Vision 125 Cartridge

Cartridge Elga replacement for Vision 125

Thermo Scientific™ Point of Use Filter Inserts

Protect installations and systems from undissolved substances in water with these pre-filters, final and sterile filters.

FILTER INSERT TKA 10'' FORpressure outlet pore size 1µm

Sartorius™ arium™ pro VF Ultrapure Water System

Prepare solutions, media and reagents with confidence. Sartorius arium™ pro VF Ultrapure Water System is application-orientated and flexible to meet the highest demands. ARIUM PRO VF BENCHTOP

Sartorius™ Glass Microfiber Filters

X50 FILTER µGF MGB 10µ DIA 90MMStck.)

Merck™ Prefilters for Milli-Q™ and Milli-RO™ Bowl-Style Systems

Choice of prefilters ROGARD II 26'' 5M CARTRIDGE

Merck™ Proguard™ TS2 Pretreatment Pack

For optimal protection of reverse osmosis membranes. Millipore™ Proguard™ TS2 Pretreatment Packs are designed to remove large particles and organic compounds, softening water, and removing chlorine from tap water. PROGARD TS2

Millipore™ SmartPak™ DQ3 Purification Pack

For pretreatment of tap water by activated carbon before purification by reverse osmosis and ion-exchange resin. Millipore™ SmartPak™ DQ3 Purification Pack is designed for DQ3 purification systems. SMARTPAK DQ3

Quickfit™ Distillation Head

Used in distillation assemblies for connecting flasks to condenser DISTILLATION HEAD 29/32 19/26

Sartorius™ arium™ Water System Cartridge Set

Produce ultrapure water beyond the ASTM Type 1 standard. Sartorius™ arium™ Water System Cartridge Set is designed for installation in arium™ Pro, Basic or 611 systems. Each consumable kit includes a pre-treatment and polishing cartridge. Kits are specifically formulated for each particular system. BIOLOGICAL CARTRIDGE SET ARIUM PRO

Brand™ Reducing Adapters

Reducing adapter PP f. water pump 159600 for water tap R 3/8''

Merck™ Water Purification Cartridges: 4 x 20 in. Carbon Cartridge

With ion-exchange technology 4'' X 20'' CARBON CARTRIDGE

Fisher Scientific™ Accu100 Ultrapure Water System

Ultrapure water for critical laboratory applications. Fisherbrand™ Accu100 Ultrapure Water System used to produce Type I ultrapure water from RO, distilled or deionized water. ACCU100 UV Ultrapure Water System set

Merck™ Nylon Woven Net Filters

Compatible with a broad range of solvents X100 NYLON NET FILTER 41UM WH PL 25MM

Sartorius™ RO Pretreatment Cartridge

Pre-treatment cartridge for the removal of free chlorine and particulate matter from the feed water of arium™ 613 RO systems to protect the RO membranes located downstream. The cartridge contains pre-treatment media and a 5 μm depth filter as a convenient, one-piece disposable. PRETREATMENT KIT FOR ARIUM 613

Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Pacific TII Water Purification System

Convert tap water into Type 2 high purity water with the automatic and cost-efficient Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Pacific TII Water Purification System. PACIFIC UPW12 UV

Thermo Scientific™ B-Pure™ Water Purification System

Customize the economical Thermo Scientific™ B-Pure™ laboratory-grade water system to meet your pretreatment or deionization application needs. B-Pure 1/2 Size Cart Holder

Elgas™ Deioniser Vision 250

Deioniser disposable 230V 50-60Hz Vision 250

Sartorius™ arium™ advance EDI Electodeionization Water System, ASTM Type 2

Outfit your lab with he Sartorisu™ arium™ advance EDI provide consistently high quality Type 2 water. ARIUM ADVANCE EDI WALL-MOUNTED SYSTEM

Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Hose Nipple Cartridges

Purify water up to 75 L/hr using Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Hose Nipple Cartridges for routine lab work including pretreatment. HIGH CAPACITY CARTRIDGE

Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Cartridge Kits