Pump Seals and Gaskets

DWK Life Sciences Silicone Sealing Ring, VMQ

The silicone seal is used for sealing and fixing threaded pipes with threaded caps.

Sartorius™ Seals for Vivacell 100

Keep pumps functioning properly

DWK Life Sciences FKM Seals for Filter Discs

The sealing ring provides a tight seal between the funnel head and the glass filter disk as well as between the glass filter disk and the funnel.

Welch™ Aluminum KF Inner Centering with Viton O-ring

Designed for use with CRVpro Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. Welch Ilmvac™ Aluminum KF Inner Centering Rings feature a replaceable Fluoroelastomer O-ring seal.

BRAND™ EPDM Rubber Conical Gaskets

Place between filter funnel and filter flask for a secure fit.

DWK Life Sciences Rubber Conical Gasket Guko, from EPDM, conical rubber gaskets, for filtering flasks

The rubber sleeve is required to achieve gas tightness during vacuum filtration.

Cole-Parmer™ PTFE Screen Gaskets

Protect your pump, valves and other components in fluid line

Welch™ KF Centering Ring with Filter Fabric

Designed for use with Welch Ilmvac™ air filters.

DWK Life Sciences Sealing Ring, for polished spherical joints (VITON)

For sealing ground joints without ground joints DURAN™, especially for vacuum applications.

DWK Life Sciences Silicone Sealing Ring, with bonded PTFE face

The silicone seal is used for sealing and fixing threaded pipes with threaded caps.

DWK Life Sciences KECK™ Flat sealing

Spare part for KECK™ Adapter KA.

DWK Life Sciences KECK™ Suction Connector, AS M8

As replacement or to complete KECK™ hose part.

DWK Life Sciences DURAN™ Replacement GLS 80™ Screw Cap Liner, PTFE Silicone

White PSU GLS 80™ wide-mouth screw cap (cap liner seal) and drip free, PTFE pouring ring for GLS 80™ bottles.

DWK Life Sciences DURAN™ Flat sealing O-ring Gasket GL 45

A resusable connector GL 45 cap with two ports for connecting tubing.

Lenz Laborglasintrumente™ Silicone Sealing Rings

Sealing rings for screw caps with bore

VACUUBRAND™ Service Kits for NT Series Chemistry Pumps and Systems

Service kits for VACUUBRAND NT series Chemistry design pumps.