Safety Learning Hub

Safety Learning Hub

Welcome to our Safety Learning Hub, where you will find the product
information you need to keep you and your colleagues safe every day.

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At the Fisher Scientific channel we want to provide you with all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), safety apparel, and other laboratory or controlled environment safety products. Our aim is to help you make the correct product selection for your usage case, while ensuring correct fit and maintenance, in order to help keep you and your colleagues safe every day. In support of this aim we have developed this Safety Learning Hub.

On these pages you can access a variety of collateral learning resources and tools to:

  • Select the correct PPE for your risk
  • Fit test and maintain your equipment
  • Learn about EU norms, pictograms, and specifications
  • Learn about workplace safety and other safety topics

For personalized assistance please contact one of our team of regional Safety Specialists.

PPE Selection, Fit & Maintenance Tools

PPE Selection, Fit & Maintenance Tools

In this section you can learn about choosing the correct PPE, fit testing, correct usage and maintenance. Using the correct products will help reduce workplace injury and improve colleague wellbeing, which has a positive effect on performance and productivity.

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Speak Out On Safety - Workplace Safety Posters

Workplace Safety Posters

To help keep your people, processes and facilities safe, it is important to understand and foresee hazards in the workplace and to know how to mitigate and avoid them. These workplace posters can be used throughout your facility to reinforce a culture of safety.

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Proudly Supporting the Safety Learning Hub

The Safety Learning Hub is supported by a number of our Premium Partners. The Fisher Scientific channel has a long and successful partnership with many global safety and controlled environment product manufacturers. This enables you to choose from the world’s most advanced and innovative PPE, safety products, and apparel. You can rest assured that all of our safety products meet the highest European standards and are backed by cutting edge research and development, as well as comprehensive technical support.

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