Corning X-SERIES™ Systems for Simple and Efficient Cellular Processing

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Corning X-SERIES platform product presentation: The customer will receive a brief introduction to the field of cell and a general therapy, a general cell therapy workflow will be demonstrated indicating the step where the new X-SERIES platform finds its applications. The components of the X-SERIES platform - X-LAB™, X-WASH™ and X-MINI™ - are presented to the customer including a detailed product description, workflow and accessories.

Application - peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) isolation: The customer will learn how the X-LAB system is used for mononuclear cell isolation. The workflow and results are presented.

Application - DMSO reduction of cryopreserved cells: The customer will learn how to use the X-WASH system for the reduction of DMSO of cryopreserved cells such as human mesenchymal stem cells. Workflow and results are presented.

Webinar key topics:

  • X-LAB: presentation of components, workflow, application
  • X-WASH: presentation of components, workflow, application
  • X-MINI: presentation of components, workflow, application

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Our Speaker

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Anette Funfak

Field Application Specialist EMEA, Corning Life Sciences

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