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Electrothermal™ Analogue Power Controller

Control the power supply to one piece of laboratory equipment at a time. Electrothermal™ Analogue Power Controller is designed to control the heating of resistive loads for bench top operation.

Brand:  Electrothermal™ MC242

Additional Details : Weight : 0.99000kg

Product Code. 10724216

  • 2445.00 SEK / Each

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  • Each heating controller has 2 neon indicators: “Power On” white neon light and “Mantle/Bunsen Heater On” amber neon light.
  • Regulator control knob can be turned clockwise to increase power.
  • As the knob is turned, the heating controller's amber neon light will pulsate to show that power is being supplied to the equipment being controlled, e.g. mantles, heating tape.
  • The pulse frequency decreases as the regulator control knob setting is increased
  • At maximum setting, the amber neon is continually illuminated.
  • Includes a support rod clamp at the rear of each heating controller to take a standard 12.5mm (1/2in.) diameter rod.
  • Short mains lead with an IEC socket to connect to the resistive load.
  • An accessory extension mains lead is available where remote operation is required, e.g. in a fume extraction unit.
  • Mountable on standard 12mm diameter scaffold or retort stands, and can also be wall mounted using a mounting bracket or stand directly on the bench.


230 V
130 x 95 x 105mm
50/60 Hz
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