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Thermo Scientific™ DecaLabel DNA Labeling Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Fermentas DecaLabel DNA Labeling Kit is a complete system for fast synthesis of radiolabeled DNA probes of high specific activity.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ K0622

Additional Details : CAS Number : 79-06-1 Weight : 2.17720kg

Product Code. 10706421

  • 1610.00 SEK / 30 reactions
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Perform fast synthesis of radiolabeled DNA probes of high specific activity with the complete system provided by Thermo Scientific™ Fermentas DecaLabel™ DNA Labeling Kit.

The kit is based on the improved random-primed method developed by Feinberg and Vogelstein (1, 2). The primary improvement over traditional random-primer kits involves the use of random decamers instead of hexamers to ensure more efficient annealing with DNA at 37°C. In addition, Klenow Fragment, exo- has been genetically engineered to remove exonuclease activity. The improved enzyme does not degrade the labeled probe during reaction and allows high labeling yields even from low template amounts. DNA fragments of any length can be uniformly labeled. Two labeling mixes are provided for flexibility in using either radiolabeled dATP or dCTP. High specific radioactivity of probes – 1 x 109dpm/μg DNA

Fast – 5 minutes at 37°C

High yields with Klenow Fragment, exo-: no degradation of a labeled probe during reaction

Flexible – suitable for either radiolabeled dATP or dCTP

Recommended for:

Generation of radiolabeled DNA probes for use in a variety of hybridization experiments: Southern and Northern blots, colony/plaque hybridizations, dot/slot blots and in situ hybridizations.



Genomic DNA, PCR Products, DNA (General)
30 Reactions
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DNA Labeling Kit
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