Controlled Environments and Cleanroom

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech Pure™ G3 Sterling™ Sterile Nitrile Gloves

With high levels of contamination protection, Kimtech™ G3 Sterling™ sterile nitrile gloves are used in EU GMP ISO Class 5 Grade A or higher sterile cleanrooms. The hand-specific gloves are suitable for double donning, latex-free, and non-pyrogenic. X300 PAIRS GLOVE G3 NITRILE T9 STERILEgray, 30 cm, size 9

ITW Chemische Produkte™ CleanStep™ Adhesive Cleanroom Mats

Reduce contamination in high traffic areas. ITW Chemische CleanStep™ Adhesive Cleanroom Mats are constructed with either 30 or 60 layers. Each removable sheet has a consistent adhesive coating designed to trap particles and prevent transfer. KLIBBMATTA 46X117 60 LAGERGRÅ FP=4 ITW ALMA

Texwipe™ TechniCloth™ Nonwoven Dry Wipers, ISO Class 6/7

For ISO Class 6 and 7 applications X12000 TechniCloth® 4" x 4" Nonwoven, Cellulose/Polyester-Blend Wipers (10 cm x 10 cm)

Bel-Art™ Write-On™ Paper Label Tapes

Use pencil, ball-point pen or solvent ink marker to create labels that remain legible under the most demanding laboratory conditions. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Write-On™ Paper Label Tapes resist moisture and most solvents and are great for use in low temperature applications. X4 Labelling tape yellow, write on, 19mm

Ansell™ BioClean™ Maxima™ Extra Long Sterile Latex Cleanroom Gloves

Provides shoulder length protection without sacrificing the flexibility and comfort provided by latex. x100PR Sterile Latex Cleanroom

Contec™ PROSAT™ Presaturated Nonwoven Wipes

Use these wipes to clean laminar flow workbenches, cleanroom surface and equipment. Contec™ PROSAT™ Presaturated Nonwoven Wipes feature task-specific saturation level of the solvent or disinfectant required to do the job. X2500 PROSAT®, nonwoven, meltblown PP wipes presaturated with 70% IPA/30% DI Water, 20 x 20cm

Nitritex™ PVC Protective Overshoes

Wear the robust Nitritex™ PVC Protective Overshoe to reduce foot borne contamination. X100 Overshoes protective wear 16 inch pvc Blue16 Inch (pack of100 pieces)

Nitritex™ BioClean Nitramax™ Sterile Nitrile Gloves

Offers full arm protection. Nitritex™ BioClean Nitramax™ Sterile Nitrile Gloves is a shoulder-length disposable, latex-free glove that provides comfort, antistatic properties and resistance to a range of chemicals. 100PR Sterile Nitrile Cleanroom glove SZ 8.5

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech Pure™ M3 Pleat-Style Sterile Facemasks

Sterile pleat-style masks with high bacterial and particle filtration, suitable for EU GMP ISO 5 Class A sterile cleanrooms. Latex- and silicone-free masks reduce contamination with a low-lint polyethylene film outer layer and BICOSOF™ inner fabric. X200 KIMTECH PURE* M3 Sterile Face Mask w/Earloops 18 cm

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech Pure™ G5 STERLING™ Nitrile Gloves

Kimtech™ G5 Sterling™ nitrile gloves provide compliant contamination protection with a reduced glove thickness. The non-sterile and latex-free gloves are strong, durable and skin-friendly, providing certified security from many common contaminants. X1500 Glove KIMTECH PURE G5 Sterling single use,gray, 30 cm, XL (VE = 250Stck.)

Contec™ Amplitude™ Sigma™ Cleanroom Wipes

Use for general cleaning and spill pickup in ISO Class 6 or above cleanroom applications. Contec™ Amplitude™ Sigma™ Cleanroom Wipes are highly sorbent, have excellent durability and cleanliness, and are useful in a variety of settings. X750 Wipe Amplitude Sigma 457.2mm x 457.2mm(10 x bag of 75 wipes)

Fisherbrand™ Wood/Cotton Swabs

Use these swabs for sample collection. Fisherbrand™ Wood/Cotton Swabs have a round, compact and shred resistant head and wooden handle. X10000 Medline Scientific Wood/Cotton Swabs

Dupont™ Tyvek™ IsoClean™ Sterile Sleeves

Clean-processed to maximize cleanliness and have been sterilized by gamma- irradiation. DuPont™ Tyvek™ IsoClean™ Sterile Sleeves provide an inherent barrier to particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous water-based light liquid splash. Breathable and exceptionally low linting. X100 TYVEK® IsoClean® sleeve model IC 501 B option MS ONE SIZE

Diversey™ Clearklens Bi-Spore Disinfectant

Disinfects hard surfaces with a sporicidal solution. Diversey Clearklens Bi-Sore Disinfectant is a chlorine dioxide generating system. It is effective against all types of micro-organisms. 5LT Sterile hard surface sporicidal disinfectant

Nitritex™ CleanTough Fabric Sterile Protective Apron with Sleeves

The BioClean-C™ Chemotherapy Protective Apron with Sleeves provides maximum protection against a range of cytotoxic drugs. Manufactured from lightweight, low-linting and hard wearing CleanTough™ material, the apron features an adjustable neck fastening, tie tapes at the rear, ultrasonically bonded sleeve seams with protective tape and 100% polyester elasticated cuffs X40 Single Use Protective Apron with Sleeves - L

Dupont™ Tyvek™ IsoClean™ Sleeves


Contec™ PROSAT™ PS-911 Presaturated Wipes

PROSAT™ wipes are an effective, efficient and convenient method of cleaning process tools and other equipment. PROSAT wipes are also ideal for wiping articles prior to pass through. X1500 PROSAT Meltblown Polypropylene wipewith 70%IPA/30% DI Water 9"x11" (30 wipers x 50 pouches)

Gammex™ Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves

Gammex™ Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves are advanced powder-free latex gloves for general surgery with a micro-rough outer surface for enhanced grip. X40 Gloves Gammex surgical micro-rough textured

Texwipe™ Alpha™ Polyester Series Swabs

Knitted and cleanroom laundered polyester head provides a neutral background for obtained sample because of its high cleanliness levels. Texwipe™ Alpha™ Swabs are widely recommended for surface sampling and cleaning validation work. X2500 Mini Alpha SwabCase 2500 (5 x Bags of 500)

Texwipe™ Large Absorbond™ Sampling Swab

For cleaning validation of equipment used in manufacturing APIs, excipients, drugs, and biotech products X1000 Large Absorbond® Sampling Swab (50 packs, pack of 20 swabs)

Nitritex™ Bio-Clean™ D Disposable Coverall with Hood

Provides exceptional comfort, protection, even when handling cytotoxic drugs. X15 Disposable Coverall sz XXXL

Ansell™ BioClean-D™ Sterile Drop-Down Cleanroom Coveralls with Hood

Offering a true aseptic donning technique, the BioClean-D™ Sterile Drop-Down Cleanroom Coverall with Hood includes internal colored tabs to indicate safe touch points to prevent touching the outside surface whilst donning, and strategically placed removable tabs on the outside surface allowing for easy zip closure without risk of touching the outside surface, and the removable zip tab completes the aseptic donning process. X20 Bioclean-D St. Drop-Down Garment w Hood - S

Ansell™ BioClean™ Extra™ Sterile Latex Cleanroom Gloves

Great comfort plus elbow length for increased protection against product contamination x200PR Sterile Latex Cleanroom Glove sz M

Nitritex™ BioClean Nano 5™ Non-sterile Nitrile Gloves, ISO Class 5

With textured fingers to provide enhanced grip. Nitritex™ BioClean Nano 5™ Non-sterile Nitrile Gloves, ISO Class 5 are antistatic, powder-free, latex-free, resistant to a wide range of chemicals and are ideal for use in electrically sensitive applications. X1000 Non-sterile Nitrile Cleanroom Glove sz XXL

Fisherbrand™ Adhesive Entryway Mats

Trap contaminating dirt, dust and bacteria before they invade cleanrooms X4 Entryway mat TackyMat cleanroom entryway, lowtack, pull-tab system, will not curl, tear or

Texwipe™ IdealMat™ Contamination Control Mats - 30 Layer

Apply directly to floor X8 Cleanstep Adhesive Mats 36'' x 46'' 30 Layer White

Texwipe™ Textube™ Sealed-Edge Wipers

For ISO Class 3 to 4 (Class 1 to 10) applications X1000 TexTube 9'' x 9'' Tubular-Knit, Polyester, Sealed-Border Wipers (23 cm x 23 cm)

DuPont™ Tychem 6000 Grey Overboot

Offers enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. DuPont™ Tychem™ 6000 F Boot Covers are made from a lightweight and durable fabric consisting of a proprietary barrier film laminated to a heavy duty Tyvek substrate. X50 Tychem 6000 F Boot cover One Size grey

Contec™ CONSTIX™ Sealed Polyester Swabs

Manufactured from Polynit polyester cleanroom fabric or nonwoven polyester fabric for exceptionally low residue and particulate levels. Contec™ CONSTIX™ Sealed Polyester Swabs are ideal for use with harsh solvents such as acetone, trichloroethane and nitric and sulfuric acids. X500 CONSTIX SWABS-SEALED POLYESTER pk500

Nitritex™ BioClean Indigo™ Sterile Nitrile Gloves

Feature textured fingers for enhanced grip. Nitritex™ BioClean Indigo™ Sterile Nitrile Gloves are latex free gloves that are processed to ensure ISO Class 4 compatibility, are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and offer excellent antistatic properties. 200PR Sterile Nitrile cleanroom glove SZ 5.5