Tools consisting of bristles, hair, or wire set into a handle that are used to clean, scrub, or apply a liquid or powder to a surface; products are available in several sizes, and may be used for specific applications.

Some laboratory brushes are used for manual cleaning of laboratory glassware and plasticware. These typically have a handle with terminal, central or lateral bristles to effectively clean specific types of labware and vessels. Most laboratory brushes are autoclavable or washable for repeated use. They are sold individually or as sets with different dimensions to allow for effective cleaning of a wide range of vessel sizes. Brushes may be tapered or tipped with a cotton wad or fine bristle tuft for effective cleaning of tube bases.

Other brushes may be used to clean weighing pans of balances or for other specific tasks.

What are Laboratory Brushes Made of?
Brush handles can be made of wood, of durable plastics such as polypropylene, or of metals such as brass or stainless-steel wire. The bristles can be made from a range of materials depending on the brush type:
• Nylon bristles are tough, hard wearing, and resistant to aggressive chemicals
• Natural bristles (for example goat hair) are suitable for more delicate cleaning
• White silk bristles are suitable for general use

What Types of Laboratory Brushes are Available?
• General-purpose cleaning brushes
• Test tube brushes
• Beaker or bottle brushes
• Burette or pipette brushes
• Flask brushes, with a bent handle for easy access to awkward corners
• Measuring cylinder brushes
• Chromatography brushes for injector and detector ports
• Centrifuge brushes
• Sieve brushes
• Square tank brushes

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