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Introduction and Agenda

Sample preparation is one of the most important tasks to be performed prior to downstream analysis. Indeed, protein concentration and purification are amongst the most performed tasks by researchers.

Due to its ease of use, ultrafiltration is the method of choice in many labs. Here, in addition to protein-based applications, it also finds use in virus purification and concentration.

Understanding the process, learning the tips and tricks associated with it, and knowing the main differences between the ultrafiltration membranes available are key factors in the recovery of high levels of high purity proteins and biomolecules.

Webinar key topics:

  • Understanding the power of ultrafiltration
  • Centrifugal concentrator demonstration (live from the lab)
  • Expert tips, tricks, and benefits


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Our Speakers

Lorraine Fievet

Technical Service Specialist, Ph.D in Molecular & Cellular Biology

Pawel Kroliczak

Technology Manager EMEA, Ph.D. in Biology

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