DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Cover for Glass Staining Dish

Made of Soda lime glass X3 Cover Only, 20 Slide

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Media/Laboratory Bottle Caps

For use with Wheaton media bottles X200 38-430 Cap, Phen Blk, Pe Lnr

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ 47mm 100mL Glass Funnel

100 ML GLASS FUNNEL FOR 47 MM, 1/CS, MA: 419410

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ 60mL BOD Bottles with Glass Pennyhead Stoppers

Securely store samples with these BOD bottles, which include pennyhead-style stoppers X36 60 mL BOD Btl, 1 - 36, Gls P-Head Stpr

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Leak-Resistant Narrow-Mouth Natural PP Bottles

With double-seal closure with cap attached X72 30 mL Star Btl, NM, PP Nat, 20-410 Cap

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Prescored Gold-Band™ Amber Ampules

Protect light-sensitive samples X144 AMBER PRESCORED AMPULE 1ML144

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ LDPE Dropping Bottles

Excellent chemical resistance X1000 15 mL Dropping Btl, LDPE Nat

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Clear French Squares with Rubber-lined Closures

Square shape maximizes lab storage space X24 4 oz Btl, Fr Sq, Type III Clr, Rub Lnr

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ CryoELITE™ Tissue Vials: 5mL, White Cap, Sterile

Secure, reliable store container for tissue sections X250 CRYOELITE TISSUE VIAL PP, STERILE /WHITE CAP 5ML DOT / IATA

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Stoppers for Serum Bottles and Vials: Thin Flange Stopper

Provide airtight covers X300 Stopper Wheaton lyophilisation butyl grey

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Glass Sample Bottles

Ideal for collecting, storing and exhibiting samples in the lab or field. Wheaton™ Snap Cap Sample Bottles are manufactured from Wheaton™ 800 soda lime clear glass that conforms to USP Type III requirements.
X144 SAMPLE BOTLLE SNAP CAP 4MLPE-Schnappdeckel, 22 mm, VE=144 St.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ HDPE Serum Bottles

X300 15 mL Serum Btl, HDPE Nat

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ BOD Bottles

Available with either glass robotic or pennyhead stoppers X24 300 mL BOD Btl, 49 - 72, Gls Rob Stpr

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Stainless Steel Support Screens

For vacuum filtration assembly. Wheaton™ Stainless Steel Support Screens are manufactured from the highest quality materials. SS SUPPORT SCREEN FOR 10027

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Glass EPA Vials

Choose clear or amber borosilicate glass vials Probeflaschen 40 ml mit schwarzem Verschluss u.PTFE-/Silikondi. VE 72 St.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ White Polypropylene Caps with Foamed Polyvinyl Liners

Foamed polyethylene liner provides chemical resistance for acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, household cosmetics and aqueous products X72 PP/PE FOAM CAP 53-400

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Snap Plug Caps

Manufactured from Polyethylene X1000 8 mm Snap Plug Cap, PE Nat, Star

Wheaton™ PTFE Pestles

X2 5 mL Pestle Only, Tapered, PTFE

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Graduated Media/Lab Bottles: Clear Glass, With LDPE-Lined Phenolic Cap (Not Autoclavable)

Rugged space-savers X24 MEDIA LAB FLASK 500 MLgrad., Beschriftungsfeld, SV, VE=24

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Jars with Polypropylene Screw Cap

X24 1000 mL Jar, PP, Nat,Foamed Pe Lined Cap

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Hose Connector

Grease-free fitting for condensers and connection to a vacuum X6 13-425 Hose Connector

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Leak-Resistant HDPE Bottles with Caps

With double-seal closure with cap attached X72 30 mL Star Btl, NM HDPE Amb, 20-410 Cap

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Micro Tissue Grinders

Used in extremely precise work when delicate hand operation is required X2 0.1 mL Tissue Grinder

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Celstir™ Spinner Double Side Arm Flasks without Water Jacket

Provide maximum surface between culture and glass flask CELSTIR DOUBLE SIDE ARM 50MLmit SV, Magnet-Rühreinsatz

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Crimpers

With ergonomically designed handles for sealing standard laboratory vials CRIMPER WHEATON E-Z CRIMPER HAND HELD 13MM

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Shaker Flasks With Four Baffles

Shake Flask, With four baffles Volume: 250ml No.:354239

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Clear Boston Rounds with PE Cone-Lined Caps

Ideal for solvent, chemical and sample storage X12 8 oz Btl,Bs Rd,Type III Clr,PE Cone Lnr