Centrifuge Tubes and Bottles

Eppendorf™ Polypropylene Graduated Microtubes

Use these tubes for safe handling of valuable and toxic samples as well as radioactive substances or DNA. Eppendorf™ Polypropylene Graduated Microtubes feature a hinged lid with a small hook that clips around the rim of the tube. x1000 Safe-Lock micro test tubes, 2ml, amber

Brand™ Rack Packed Tubes

Compatible with standard microplates and suitable for working with multi-channel pipettors. BRAND™ Rack Packed Tubes are ideal for biological tests, such as PCR*, cell uptake studies, RIA and EIA. X960 Tube, 1,2ml, rack packed, PPRack w.12 strips/8 tubes non-sterile

Axygen™ MaxyClear Snaplock Microtubes, 1.5mL

Ensure an efficient seal that stays closed during centrifugation. Axygen™ MaxyClear Snaplock Microtubes, 1.5mL provide excellent visibility and feature a piercing port for syringe access. Available in a wide variety of colors. Maxymum Recovery™ and sterile options available. X500 1.5ML TUBE BOIL PROOF ASSORT

Thermo Scientific™ Graduated Safelock Microcentrifuge Tubes

Easily confirm your microcentrifuge tube is locked for superior security during centrifugation. X500 microtube 2ml, natural, graduated

BRAND™ Polypropylene Microcentrifuge Tube

Screw cap lid sold separately. X1000 Micro tube, PP, without cap1,5ml round bottom non-sterile ungrad.

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ EZFlip™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes

Open and close Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ EZFlip™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes with one hand due to a proprietary hinged-cap system. X500 Centrifuge tube EZ Flip conical tube sterileGestell, steril VE=500 Stück

Corning™ Centrifuge Tubes with CentriStar™ Cap

Features CentriStar™ caps with an easy-on/easy-off flat top and offers advanced ergonomics with wider knurls and roll-over edge design for easier gripping. Corning™Centrifuge Tubes with CentriStar™ Caps leak-proof design comes with a revolutionary plug feature that virtually eliminates all seepage when used under recommended conditions. X500 Centrifuge tube PP sterile 50ml CentriStar cap max RCF 15500 25/racks

Simport™ Scientific Micrewtube™ Microcentrifuge Tubes with Screw Cap

Simport™ Scientific Micrewtube™ Microcentrifuge Tubes with Screw Cap can be centrifuged up to 17000g and will withstand temperatures from −196°C to +121°C. X500 Micrew 0.5ml w/o-ring, screw cap, self-standing, sterile, bagged/50

BRAND™ Disposable Microcentrifuge Tubes

Clear polypropylene construction with locking lid. x500 Microcentrifuge tube 0.5ml with lid lockingclear

Simport™ Polypropylene Microtubes with White Marking Area

X1000 Micrew 1.5ml, w/o cap, self-standing, graduated, non-sterile, bulk

Axygen™ Mini Tube System

Polypropylene tube system for compound library storage X4800 Mini tube Axygen individual, bulk 100%

Simport™ Plastic Centrifuge Tubes

Useful for collecting and transporting biological specimens. Simport™ Plastic Centrifuge Tubes with leakproof characteristics are ensured by a flat top plastic screw cap with an inner sealing lip X500 Conical PP Centrifuge Tube 50ml, 29x118mm, w/Yellow Screw Cap, non-sterile, Racked/25

Eppendorf™ Eppendorf Tubes™ Conical Tubes

Use these tubes for the simple and safe processing of sample volumes up to 5.0mL. Eppendorf Tubes™ represent the perfect option for working with medium–sized sample volumes. Eppendorf Tubes, 5mL, Starter Pack, PCR clean,

Kartell™ Disposable Centrifuge Tubes with Rim

Manufactured from PP (Polypropylene) or PS (Polystyrene) for good chemical resistance. Kartell™ Disposable Centrifuge Tubes with Rim come with a round or conical bottom and are the ideal solution for centrifuge needs. X4000 cylindrical disposable test tubes with rim PS 12x87mm

Axygen™ MaxyClear Snaplock Microtubes, 0.60mL

Ensure an efficient seal that stays closed during centrifugation. Axygen™ MaxyClear Snaplock Microtubes, 0.60mL provide excellent visibility and feature a piercing port for syringe access. Available in a wide variety of colors. Maxymum Recovery™ and sterile options available. X1000 0,6ML MICROTUBE ASSORT

Fisherbrand™ Snap-Cap™ Flat-Top Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes

Available as sterile and nonsterile X500 Microtube 1.5ml, PP, Green, graduated, w/snap-cap, non-sterile

Simport™ Micrewtube™ Microcentrifuge Tube with Lip Seal Screwca

Certified DNase, RNase, DNA and Pyrogen Free X1000 Micrew 2ml w/lip seal, tethered screw cap, conical bottom, non-sterile, bulk

BRAND™ BLAUBRAND™ Borosilicate Glass Centrifuge Tube

Withstands RCF up to 700. Design and accuracy meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) specifications. X2 ASTM centrifuge tube BLAUBRAND Boro 3.3 100ml cylindric.conic. bottom ASTM D91

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ High-Speed Round-Bottom PPCO Centrifuge Tubes

Improve rotor fit and performance using Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ High-Speed Round-Bottom PPCO Centrifuge Tubes, featuring uniform wall thickness and diameter. X10 TUBES CENTRIFUGE ROUND PP 100ML AUTOCLAVABLE(PACK OF 10)

Kartell™ Microtube, polypropylene, for Cobas B10 and MIRA instruments, neutral, 0.75mL

X12000 Micro Test Tube 0.7ml, PE, Neutral, non-sterile, bagged/1000, for COBAS-BIO/MIRA

Kartell™ Polypropylene Centrifuge Tubes

Manufactured from highly translucent polypropylene for  enhanced visibility and good chemical resistance. Autoclavable, rimmed Kartell™ Cylindrical Centrifuge Tubes deliver stabilitiy in a properly balanced rotor and are suitable for use as a conventional test tube. X50 cylindrical centrifuge tubes no cap 93x24mm RPM4000 RCFxg 3000

BRAND™ Polypropylene Round Bottom Microcentrifuge Tubes

Includes tamper-evident screwcap. Silicone seal offers reliable protection against liquid leakage or penetration. X500 Micro tube, PP, tamper-evident screw cap 1,5ml, round bottom, sterile, graduated

Thermo Scientific™ Screw Cap Micro Tubes

Pure Protection: Prepare, transfer and store samples securely with Thermo Scientific Screw Cap Microtubes. Available in multiple volumes, packaging options and clean claims.

X500 Threaded MCT 0.5ml, PP, Natural, Knurl Skirted, Sterile, w/attached cap, bagged/500

Brand™ Microcentrifuge Tubes with Attached Lip Seal Screw Caps

Manufactured from polypropylene with polyethylene screw cap. BRAND™ Microcentrifuge Tubes with Attached Lip Seal Screw Caps include an integral sealing cone. Colored polypropylene cap inserts for identification can also be purchased separately. X1000 Micro tube PP, attached screw cap PE 2,0ml,selfstanding, non-ster., ungrad.

Pyrex™ PTFE Liner for SciLabware 4526/45D Screw Cap

Spare PTFE liners for 4526/45D pk 10

Eppendorf™ Safe-Lock Tubes

Trust in these tubes to keep your samples safe. Eppendorf™ Safe-Lock Tubes feature exceptional centrifugation stability up to 30,000 × g prevents sample loss due to tube breakage and provide extra safety when working with hazardous samples. x500 Safe-Lock microtube 0.5ml, red

Eppendorf™ Polypropylene Microtubes with Snap Cap

Use these polypropylene tubes for sample preparation, centrifugation or storage. Eppendorf™ Polypropylene Microtubes with Snap Caps provide convenient, ergonomic and reliable one-handed operation. x1000 Microtube 3810x1.5ml yellow

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 15mL and 50mL Conical Sterile Polypropylene Centrifuge Tubes

These premium, high-quality conical tubes are environmentally friendly, and allow for increased traceability with the largest writing area on the market. X500 Centrifuge tube Thermo Scientific Nunc conicaRöhrchen PP, Deckel HDPE (PU=500 pcs)

Simport™ Micrewtube™ Microcentrifuge Tubes with O-Ring Seal Screw Cap

Use these tubes for cryogenic work. Simport™ Micrewtube™ Microcentrifuge Tubes with O-Ring Seal Screw Caps keep the integrity of small samples under even the most adverse conditions. Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free. X500 Micrew 2ml w/o-ring, screw cap, conical bottom, graduated, sterile, bagged/50

Karl Hecht™ Glass Centrifuge Tubes, Round Bottom

Clear, glass centrifuge tubes provide superior visibility. Karl Hecht™ Glass Centrifuge Tubes, Round Bottom have thick walls and are available graduated/ungraduated and constructed of AR™ soda glass or Duran™ borosilicate. Zentrifugengläser, zylindrisch, runderBoden,DURAN,ungraduiert,100x16mm (VE=100) ,