Whatman products such as filter papers and membranes offer high-quality, innovative technologies for DNA sample collection and preparation.
Whatman is a brand that has been trusted by scientists for generations in the lab every day.

To help our customers find the Whatman filter paper they require we have setup this handy Whatman Filter Selector Guide.


GE Healthcare Whatman™ Binder-Free Glass Microfiber Filters, Grade GF/A

Combines high loading capacity with fine particle retention. Whatman™ Binder-Free Glass Microfiber Filters, Grade GF/A are ideal for gravimetric determination of airborne particulates, stack sampling and absorption methods of air pollution monitoring. X100 GF/A GLASS MICROFIBRE 1.6µM 260µM THICKNESSglass 13mm (pack of 100)

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Binder-Free Glass Microfiber Filters GF/F Circles

Served as the basis filter for EPA standard for the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure. Whatman™ Binder-Free Glass Microfiber Filters GF/F Circles offers an extremely high loading capacity and flow rate. X25 TYPE GF/F 14.2CM/2GLASS FI

GE Healthcare 50mm Nuclepore™ Polycarbonate Track-Etched Membranes

Manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate film and track-etched for high pore size precision. Whatman™ 50mm Nuclepore™ Polycarbonate Track-Etched Membranes combine high flow rates and chemical and thermal resistance with sharply defined pores, making them suitable for microscopy, cytology, parasitology, and certain air and oceanography analyses. X100 FILTER MB PC 0.4UM 50MM

Whatman™ 17 CHR Filter Paper

X100 GR 17CHR 5.7 X 5.7CM 100/PK,MA: 30176715

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Puradisc 25mm Syringe Filters: Sterile

Purifies aqueous and organic solutions. Whatman™ Puradisc 25mm Syringe Filters have polypropylene housings with female luer lock inlet and male luer outlet. X1000 PURADISC 25 0.2µM POLYETHERS

GE Healthcare Whatman™ 25mm Nuclepore™ Polycarbonate Track-Etched Membranes

Manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate film and track-etched for high pore size precision. Whatman™ 25mm Nuclepore™ Polycarbonate Track-Etched Membranes combine high flow rates and chemical and thermal resistance with sharply defined pores, making them suitable for microscopy, cytology, parasitology, and certain air and oceanography analyses. X100 FILTER MB PC 12.0UM 25MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ 3MM Chr Chromatography Paper

Manufactured entirely from high-quality cotton linters with no additives and tested specifically for chromatographic techniques. Whatman™ Grade 3MM Chr Chromatography Paper ensures the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action that are important in chemical separations. X100 3MM CHR Blotting Paper 58x68CM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ 96-Well Polypropylene UniPlate™ Microplates

Manufactured from polypropylene for superior chemical and thermal stability. Whatman™ 96-Well Polypropylene UniPlate™ Microplates withstand temperatures to -80°C for long-term storage. X25 UNIPLATE 2000 96 PP

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Plastic Zipper Seal Storage Bag

Zipper storage bag for 903 Protein Saver Cards X100 PLASTIC BAG ZIP 4 X 6

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane Filters

Whatman polyethersulfone (PES) membrane filters from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business are hydrophilic and stable in alkaline pH, making them suitable for biological samples and aqueous applications. X100 47MM 0.8 UM PES MB 100/P

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Qualitative Filter Paper: Grade 1 Circles

Covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids. Whatman™ Qualitative Filter Paper: Grade 1 Circles are widely used standard grade filter papers for routine applications with medium retention and flow rates. X100 FILTER PAPER GR. 1 110MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Holder for Syringe Filter

Use for clarification and sterile filtration of liquids and gases under pressure. Whatman™ Holder for 25mm Syringe Filter is a polysulfone in-line membrane filter holder fitted with a pressure-resistant filter support and a silicone O-ring seal to ensure that the unit does not leak. X10 FP 025/1 FILTER HOLDERS25 MM

Whatman™ Grade GF 10 Glass Microfiber Filters with Binder

Strengthened with an organic binder to provide high mechanical stability. Whatman™ Glass Microfiber Filters with Binder, Grade GF 10 can be used for various applications from fine and coarse particle analysis to prefilter membranes for crop protection residues. Borosilicate Glass Organic Microfiber Filter withBinder, Grade 10, Roll, 35mm width × 30m length

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Litmus Blue Test Paper

Impregnated with a mixture of pH indicators, acid-alkali litmus papers assume a color specific to sample pH upon contact with a sample. Whatman™ Litmus Blue Test Paper provides rapid determination of pH values and has a variety of applications in laboratories and industry. ACID ALKALI LITMUS BLUE 7MMX5M

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Swin-Lok™ Filter Holders

For microfiltration and ultra cleaning of small volumes of liquids X8 FILT HOLDER SWIN-LOK PP 47MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ GD/X Sterile PVDF Syringe Filters

Processes three to seven times more sample volume than filters without prefilter. Whatman™ GD/X Sterile PVDF Syringe Filters are specifically designed for filtration of viscous or otherwise hard-to-filter samples with high solids content. X50 GD/X PVDF 0.45UM 25MM ST

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Cellulose Soxhlet Extraction Thimbles, single 1mm wall

Manufactured from high-quality alpha cellulose cotton linter for high-performance use in automated Soxhlet extractor systems. Whatman™ Cellulose Soxhlet Extraction Thimbles are intended for applications including use in air and waste gas analysis. X25 THIMBLE SINGLE 25X80MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ UniFilter™ Microplates, 24-Well, 10mL

Ideal for applications that require larger sample or reagent volumes (e.g. biomolecular purification by solid-phase extraction and organic synthesis X25 UNIF 10000 24 PP GF/C

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Minifold I Dot Blot System

Well manifolds for proteins and nucleic acids DOT BLOT 96 WELLS MINIFOLD

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Quartz Microfiber Extraction Thimbles for Emission Testing

Support accurate, reproducible emission testing by providing low extractable levels and temperature resistance up to 800°C. Whatman™ Quartz Microfiber Extraction Thimbles are tapered for stack sample loading. Applications include emission testing, smoke stack gas sampling, gravimetric calculations in gases, analysis of hot and acidic gases, trace element analysis, and analysis of pesticides and residues. X10 25X90MM/10/PK TAPEREDSILICA TH

Whatman™ Benchkote Surface Protector, 460 × 570mm pad

An absorbent lab paper that protects surfaces against hazardous spills. After use, the bench protector sheet is incinerated or disposed of according to local regulations. Benchkote surface protector minimizes mess and contamination during spills. X50 SHEET BENCHKOTE 46X52 CM

Whatman™ Grade 113 Qualitative Filter Paper

Well suited for use with coarse or gelatinous precipitates. Whatman™ Grade 113 Qualitative Filter Paper is a very thick, creped-surface, wet-strengthened reel of filter paper with ultra high loading capacity and the fastest flow rate of the Whatman qualitative grades. FILTER PAPER GRADE 113 930MM X 1300M REEL

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Grade 556 Drypads

Absorbent paper strips for removal of excess liquids X100 DRYING PADS TYPE 556FORMAT 37 X 100 MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Indicating FTA™ Elute Micro Cards

Whatman Indicating FTA Elute Micro Cards enable you to easily collect, process, transport, and store colorless biological samples, such as buccal samples. INDICATING FTA ELUTE MICRO CARD

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Benchkote Surface Protector Sheets

Minimize mess and contamination during spills. Whatman™ Benchkote material has a high-quality, smooth, absorbent lab paper layer that soaks up liquid spills. A second laminated polyethylene layer prevents flow-through to the working surface. X50 SHEET BENCHKOTE 46X57 CM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Lead Acetate Test Paper Dispenser

Dispenser for rapid qualitative test paper to detect hydrogen sulfide TEST PAPER LEAD ACETATE DISPENSER FOR TESTINGatmosphere or gas H2S 7mm x 5m

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Uni-Core Punch

Disposable punch for use with FTA cards, FTA Elute Cards, and EasiCollect device HARRISUNI-CORE 2.0 MM PUNCH

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Grade 1575 Wet-Strengthened Qualitative Filter Paper: Circle

Slow filter paper with high wet strength X100 1575 200MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ pH Indicators Reel Dispensers

Used for rapid determination of pH values PH INDIC NARROW 8.0-10.0 7MMX5M

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Kjeldahl Analysis Weighing Boats, Grade 609

Designed to collect, transfer, and drop both sample and weighing boat into the acid solution during a Kjeldahl analysis without influencing analytical results. Whatman™ Kjeldahl Weighing Boats are excellent for both weighing and quantitative sample transfer. X100 Weighing trays


Resources About Whatman

Whatman, now part of GE Healthcare, is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of separations technology products.

Whatman is known and recognised throughout the world for its expertise in separations technology and the range of unique and innovative products that this technology makes available.

Key Products:

Whatman filters are used for research, analysis and quality control in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and environmental testing industries. In addition, Whatman provides customized products as critical components for leading manufacturers of medical devices and diagnostic kits.