Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH SCIENCE™ STERLING™ Nitrile Gloves

Offers protection against a wide range of chemicals. KIMTECH SCIENCE™ STERLING™ Nitrile Gloves. Excellent tactile sensitivity. X140 Glove KimTech Science 99214 disposable,puderfrei, 250mm, grau, Gr. XL, VE=140 St.

Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH Science™ PURPLE NITRILE™ Gloves

Ideal for higher risk applications. Kimberly Clark™ KIMTECH Science™ PURPLE NITRILE™ Gloves are stronger than latex with better protection against a wide range of chemicals including cytotoxic drugs. X100 Glove Kimtech Science purple nitrile XSSingle, Length 240mm

Fisherbrand™ Comfort Nitrile Gloves

Choose a glove with enhanced comfort and tactile sensitivity. Fisherbrand™ Comfort Nitrile Gloves are powder-free and latex-free with a beaded fit and textured fingers. X200 Fisherbrand Comfort Nitrile Gloves XS


Used for life sciences, forensic science and non-sterile drug manufacturing applications. Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH SCIENCE™ STERLING™ NITRILE-XTRA™ Nitrile Gloves provide protection and comfort in the laboratory. X90 Gloves Kimtech Science Sterling-Xtra, powder

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Purple Nitrile-XTRA™ Gloves

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Purple Nitrile-XTRA™ Gloves are made of a highly durable nitrile polymer and are powder free.


Fisherbrand™ Extended Cuff Nitrile Exam Gloves

Choose a glove with exceptional durability and added protection. The Fisherbrand™ Extended Cuff Nitrile  Gloves are extra-thick, fully textured for a superior grip and are tested for use with chemotherapy drug exposure. X50 Fisherbrand Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves XL

Kimberly-Clark™ Ambidextrous Green Nitrile Gloves

Tested against over 30 chemicals. Ambidextrous Green Nitrile Gloves protect against a wide array of laboratory hazards. X225 GLOVES KIMTECH SCIENCE DISPOSABLE, POWDER

Fisherbrand™ Solutions Aloe Sense Nitrile Gloves

Features a textured surface for dry and wet working conditions. Fisherbrand™ Solutions Aloe Sense Nitrile Gloves with aloe vera coating on the inner surface protect hands from drying, chapping and cracking. X100 Fisherbrand Nitrile Gloves With Aloe Vera S

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Powder-free Non-sterile Extra Protection Nitrile Examination Gloves

Resists a wide range of chemicals and resistant to puncture. Fisherbrand™ Disposable Powder-free Non-sterile Extra Protection Nitrile Examination Gloves are latex free. X50 Fisherbrand Extra Protection Nitrile Gloves XL

Ansell™ Microflex™ 93-833 (Xceed) Ergonomic Nitrile Exam Gloves

Reduces hand fatigue often associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ansell™ Microflex™ Ergonomic Nitrile Exam Gloves are lightweight and thin, yet provide reliable durability and protection. X230 GLOVES MICROFLEX NITRILE, 93-833 (Xceed) Size 7.5-8

Ansell™ Microflex™ 63-864 Latex Gloves

Prevents rips and tears with thicker than average fingertips. Ansell™ Microflex™ 63-864 Latex Gloves offer a reliable and precise grip. X100 LATEX POWDER FREE MICROFLEX 63-864 SIZE 9.5-15-10 (XS)

Ansell™ Nitritex™ Omega Pro-tech™ Disposable Powder-free Examination Gloves

Resist cuts and snags when wearing Nitritex™ Omega Pro-tech™ Disposable Powder-free Examination Gloves. The purple gloves are disposable, non-sterile, latex-free, powder-free and are available in various sizes. X100 Gloves examination powder free nitrile, XXL

Ansell Edmont™ TouchNTuff™ Extended Cuff Disposable Green Nitrile Gloves

Offers up to four times the puncture resistance of comparable natural-latex gloves, and three times the resistance of similar neoprene gloves. Resists a greater variety of industrial chemicals for longer periods than any other nitrile disposable gloves. X100 GLOVE TNT GREEN NP 300MM 9,5-10

Fisherbrand™ Solutions A+ Aloe Latex Gloves

Protects hands from drying, chapping and cracking. Fisherbrand™ Solutions A+ Aloe Latex Gloves combine protection and comfort. X100 Fisherbrand Latex Gloves With Aloe Vera S

Ansell™ Microflex™ Heavy-duty Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Provides protection while assisting workers with improved efficiency and speed. Ansell™ Microflex™ Heavy-duty Disposable Nitrile Gloves resist tape and adhesives with a low pinhole acceptance rate of 0.65 AQL. X100 GLOVES NITRILE, 93-843 SZ 9.5-10


Provides vital hand protection and comfort. Safeskin™ Satin Plus Latex Exam Gloves are ambidextrous. X90 Gloves Safeskin Satin Plus examination powder

Microflex™ High Risk Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Offer up to 3 times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl disposable gloves. Microflex™ High Risk Disposable Nitrile Gloves also provide chemical and liquid protection. X50 GLOVES, NITRILE, 93-853, 5.5-6 Length 295 mm, Blue, Size 5.5/6

Ansell Edmont™ TouchNTuff™ 73-300 Series Neoprene Gloves

Provides unprecedented sensitivity in double-gloving and dry applications due to the 0.13mm (5 mil) polymer thickness. Ansell Edmont™ TouchNTuff™ 73-300 Series Neoprene Gloves offer splash resistance against a broad range of chemicals. 200PR TouchNTuff gloves, neoprene, cream, non-sterile size 9

Nitritex™ Omega Pro-tech XP™ Nitrile Gloves

The premier lab glove delivers excellent protection and exceptional tactility. Nitritex™ Omega Pro-tech XP™ Nitrile Gloves are non-sterile, extra-length laboratory gloves that are 100% latex free, thereby eliminating all risk of Type 1 latex allergic reactions. X1000 Gloves Bioclean 12' nitrile extra large

Microflex™ Cobalt™ Nitrile Exam Gloves

Ideal for jobs requiring exceptional tactile sensitivity Pyrogent 03 LAL, 5 x 50 tests/Vial Lysate FP=250

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional PFE-Xtra™ Latex Exam Gloves

Ideal for procedures with risk of exposure to blood, body fluids, and chemicals X50 LATEX PFE XTRA GLOVE SZ 8,5

Kimberly-Clark™ Safeskin™ Latex PFE Gloves

Provides vital hand protection and comfort. Kimberly Clark™ Safeskin™ Latex PFE Gloves are ambidextrous. X100 Gloves Safeskin PFE Exam examination powder

Semperit™ Semperguard™ Vinyl Powdered Disposable Gloves

Semperguard™ Vinyl Powdered Disposable Gloves are safe for use with fat-free foodstuffs. X90 Gloves SEMPERGUARD Vinyl powdered Xtra-Large

Nitritex™ BioClean Alpha™ Sterile Latex Gloves

Provides exceptional flexibility and is anatomically shaped for enhanced wearer comfort. Nitritex™ BioClean Alpha™ Sterile Latex Gloves features an extra-thick beaded cuff adds strength and stability on the arm, and reduces the risk of the gloves tearing when donning. 200PR Sterile Latex Cleanroom Glove sz 7 .0

Kimberly-Clark™ KLEENGUARD™ G20 Nitrile Gloves

Kimberly-Clark™ KLEENGUARD™ G20 Nitrile Gloves are an ambidextrous glove that provides protection against chemical splash in a wide range of applications. X2500 GLOVES NITRIL G20 GREE SZ S

Kimberly-Clark™ XTRA-PFE Latex Gloves

Ideal hand protection for procedures with risk of exposure to blood, bodily fluids and chemicals. Kimberly-Clark™ XTRA-PFE Latex Gloves are manufactured from natural rubber latex.

Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH SCIENCE™ Blue Nitrile Gloves

Provides for safety, comfort and freedom of movement whatever your environment. Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH SCIENCE™ Blue Nitrile Gloves minimize risk and boost productivity. X100 NITRILE BLUE GLOVE SZ 8,5 250mm

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G5 Latex Gloves

Manufacturer-suggested ISO Class 5 or higher X1000 Safeskin Controlled Latex-Handschuhe, 12'Gr.XL (VE=10x100Stck.)

Ansell™ AccuTech™ 91-225 Series Natural Rubber Latex Gloves

AccuTech™ 91-225 Series Natural Rubber Latex Gloves are made with a specific natural rubber formulation that offers a high level of comfortable, sensitive, precise handling. Low allergen content reduces risk to the wearer. 200PR GLOVES ACCUTECH GAMMEX DISPOSA. POWDER FREEsterile latex hand specific contains 10 pks of 20