Fisherbrand Spill Kits

Fisherbrand spill kits Fisherbrand spill kits

More and more industries are using meltblown polypropylene sorbents (MBPP) instead of traditional granulates for the containment and clean-up of all types of spills (such as water, chemicals, petroleum-based fluids, etc.) in the workplace.

Our innovative Fisherbrand MBPP polypropylene sorbent pads, rolls and pillows for spill control have many advantages over these conventional granulates:


Quick & high volume absorption

  • Within a few seconds absorbs 10-25 times its own weight


Simple & Safe

  • Use like a giant paper tissue
  • Wide chemical resistance with no risk of dust particle inhalation


Low disposal cost & easy to use

  • Use less material
  • Clean up quickly
  • Stay environmentally friendly


Operating advices

What to do when a spill occurs?

Identify spilled product. If you are NOT familiar with the liquid and its chemical properties, evacuate the area and contact proper authorities.