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Analysis and Quality Control (QC) play a critical role in pharma and biopharma production. Throughout every stage of the drug development process they ensure that all manufactured products meet the required standards and are of the highest quality.

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QC Interactive Workflow

Analytical and microbial testing is required at all stages of the biopharmaceutical production workflow. Let our interactive workflow guide you through key products for your most sensitive and critical applications.



Analytical QC Brochure

Discover syringe filters for sample preparation and dissolution testing, liquid handling systems for efficient sample transfers, pH meters for electrochemical analysis, as well as products for chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques.

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Microbial QC Brochure

Helping you to reduce the risk of contamination with disposable filters funnels for sterility testing, swabs and triple wrap plates for environmental monitoring and Quanti-Cult™ kits for microbial verification. Also discover centrifuges, bottles and biological safety cabinets for safe sample handling and storage.

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