Cell Based Assays

Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ O-GlcNAc Enzymatic Labeling System

For in-vitro modification of O-GlcNAc modified proteins O-GLCNAC ENZYMATIC LABELING SYSTEM CLICKIT(TM)kit VXC33368 DDNSA # days = 210 CDNSA # days =

BrdU Monoclonal Antibody, Clone: MoBU-1, Invitrogen™

BrdU Antibody (MoBU-1), B35128, from Invitrogen™. Species Reactivity: Chemical; Applications: Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry. ANTI BRDU MOBU1 UNCONJ IMAGINGperoxidunconjugated, 350 µl

Molecular Probes™ Annexin V, PE conjugate (R-PE Annexin V) (replaces Annexin product- AnnexinV04)

Annexin V, PE conjugate (R-PE Annexin V) (replaces Annexin product- AnnexinV04) ANNEXIN V, R-PHYCOERYTHRIV) 50 assays, 250 µl

Molecular Probes™ EdU (5-ethynyl-2-deoxyuridine)

Measures new DNA synthesis 500 MG EDU (5-ETHYNYL-2 -DEOXYURIDINE) 500 MGStore at -20°C

Molecular Probes™ BrUPT (5-Bromouridine 5'-Triphosphate), 10mM in TE buffer

Monitor nucleolar transcription in situ 5-BROMOURIDINE 5'-TRIPHOSTE buffer, 25 µl

Molecular Probes™ pHrodo™ Red Transferrin Conjugate

pHrodo™ Red Transferrin Conjugate 1mg pHrodo Red Transferrin Conjugate

Molecular Probes™ Vybrant™ Cell Metabolic Assay Kit, with C12-resazurin

C12-resazurin reduced to C12-resorufin CELL METABOLIC KIT 00 STORE AT -20°C

Molecular Probes™ Amplex™ Red Sphingomyelinase Assay Kit

Detects very low concentrations of sphingomyelinase AMPLEX(R) RED SPHINGOMYELThe Amplex Red Sphingomyelinase Assay Kit

Molecular Probes™ EnzChek™ Protease Assay Kit, green fluorescence, 100 to 1000 assays

Continuously measure protease kinetics 1 SET PROTEASE ASSAY KIT 00 STORE AT -20°C

Novex™ ApoDETECT Annexin V-FITC Kit


Molecular Probes™ ThiolTracker™ Violet (glutathione detection reagent)

ThiolTracker™ Violet (glutathione detection reagent) THIOLTRACKER VIOLETDetection Reagent) for 5 microplate

Molecular Probes™ MUP (4-Methylumbelliferyl Phosphate, Free Acid)

MUP is a fluorescent substrate for alkaline phosphatases 4-METHYLUMBELLIFERYL PHOS1 g

Molecular Probes™ XTT (2,3-Bis-(2-Methoxy-4-Nitro-5-Sulfophenyl)-2H-Tetrazolium-5-Carboxanilide)

Redox-based viability probe XTT (2,3-BIS-(2-METHOXY-4sulfophenyl)-2H-tetrazolium-5-

Molecular Probes™ Annexin V, Alexa Fluor™ 594 conjugate

Annexin V, Alexa Fluor™ 594 conjugate ANNEXIN V, ALEXA FLUOR(R)In collaboration with Nexins Research BV, we

Thermo Scientific™ iuvo™ Microchannel 5250 plate

Quantitatively measure cell motility in 2D or 3D cell cultures using this microchannel plate. Iuvo Microchannel 5250 Assay Plate, 1 plate

Molecular Probes™ LIVE/DEAD™ Fixable Near-IR Dead Cell Stain Kit, for 633 or 635 nm excitation

LIVE/DEAD™ Fixable Near-IR Dead Cell Stain Kit, for 633 or 635 nm excitation LIVE/DEAD FIXABLE NEAR IR DEAD633 or 635nm excit., 200 assays

Molecular Probes™ pHrodo™ Red AM Intracellular pH Indicator

pHrodo™ Red AM Intracellular pH Indicator PHRODO RED AM PH INDICATOR

Molecular Probes™ Premo™ Autophagy Sensor RFP-p62 Kit

Premo™ Autophagy Sensor RFP-p62 Kit Premo Autophagy Sensor RFP-p62 Kit, 1 Kit

Molecular Probes™ BODIPY™ FL Histamine

Fluorescent ligand for detecting histamine receptors FL HISTAMINE, BODIPY(R) STORE AT -20C

Gibco™ StemPro™ Chondrogenesis Differentiation Kit


Molecular Probes™ Annexin V, Pacific Blue™ conjugate, for flow cytometry

Annexin V, Pacific Blue™ conjugate, for flow cytometry ANNEXIN V, PACIFIC BLUE CONJUGflowcytometry 100 assays, 500 µl

Molecular Probes™ Biocytin TMR (5-(and-6)-Tetramethylrhodamine Biocytin)

Biocytin TMR (5-(and-6)-Tetramethylrhodamine Biocytin) 5-(AND-6)-TETRAMETHYLRHODThe water-soluble neuronal tracer

Molecular Probes™ Fluo-4FF, AM, cell permeant - Special Packaging

Fluo-4FF, AM, cell permeant - Special Packaging X10 Fluo-4ff, am cell permea 10X 50µg store atThe cell-permeant fluo-4FF, AM is an analog of

Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ AHA (L-Azidohomoalanine)

Non-radioactive technique 5 MG CLICK-IT(R) AHA (L-AZIDOHOMOALANINE) 5MGstore at -20°C

Alfa Aesar™ Mirin, 95%

50MG Mirin, 95%

Gibco™ StemPro™ Osteogenesis Differentiation Kit

StemPro™ Osteogenesis Differentiation Kit STEMPRO?« OSTEOGEN. DIFF. KITFor Complete Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal

Molecular Probes™ Fluo-3, Pentapotassium Salt, cell impermeant

Fluo-3, Pentapotassium Salt, cell impermeant FLUO-3, PENTAPOTASSIUM SAThis cell-impermeant form of fluo-3,

Molecular Probes™ CyQUANT™ NF Cell Proliferation Assay Kit

CyQUANT™ NF Cell Proliferation Assay Kit CYQUANT NF CELL PROLIFERATIONThe CyQUANT® NF Cell Proliferation Assay Kit

Alfa Aesar™ Tyrphostin AG-213, 97%

10MG Tyrphostin AG-213, 97%

Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ Protein Enrichment Kit, for Click Chemistry Capture of Azide-modified Proteins

Capture of click-chemistry-based azide-modified proteins CLICK PROTEIN ENRICHMENT KIT