Welch Ilmvac

Welch™ Kit 3 Freeze dryer adapter kit, DN 16 KF

ROTARY VANE PUMP NW16 KIT Schlauch, Abscheider, Zubehör

Welch Ilmvac™ Aluminum Flange

Adapter flange of aluminum, KF DN 16, Hose Nozzlemm

Gardner Denver Welch™ Kit 9 Vacuum pump control package with MRV 100, DN 16 KF

For rotary vane pumps with KF16 flanges. Cost-effective package for controlling vacuum pressure up to 0.001mbar. KIT 9 Vacuum Pump Control Package with MRV 100 , DN 16 KF

Welch™ Aluminum KF-Normal Tension Ring


Welch™ Standard Duty WOB-L™ Piston Vacuum Pump: Model 2561

For non-chemical applications Wob-L dry vacuum pump with inlet trap, regulator& gauge

Welch Ilmvac™ Hose Connector

Designed for use with Welch Ilmvac™ Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps. KF16 Flange - DN20 Hose Nozzle

Welch Ilmvac™ Stainless Steel KF Reducing Adapter

Designed for use with Welch Ilmvac™ Rotary Vane Pumps. REDUCTION FLANGE NW40/25

Welch Ilmvac™ LVS301Z Netvac1 Chemical Duty Vacuum Pump

LVS301Z netvac1 chemical duty vacuum pump,oil free, with inlet trap and exhust condenser

Welch™ Aluminum KF Inner Centering with Viton O-ring

Designed for use with CRVpro Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. Welch Ilmvac™ Aluminum KF Inner Centering Rings feature a replaceable Fluoroelastomer O-ring seal. CENTERING RING AL/VITON NW40DN 40

Welch™ MPC 301 Zp, ATEX Cat.2 Diaphragm Pump

Designed for use as a backing pump for rotary evaporators, vacuum ovens or gel dryer. Welch Ilmvac™ MPC 301 Zp Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for vacuum filtration, vacuum concentrating, distillation and desiccation. PUMP VACUUM 8MBAR EXPLOSION PROOF ATEX 95 II 2GC IIB T4X approved 400V 50Hz 240mm x 300mm x

Welch Ilmvac™ Vacuum Pump Mpc 095 Z Diaphragm

MPC095Z diaphragm vacuum pump

Welch Ilmvac™ Aluminum KF Reducing Adapter


Ecoflex™ Vacuum System

Use this vacuum system for a variety of laboratory applications. Welch Ilmvac™ Ecoflex™ Vacuum System features a chemically resistant diaphragm pump with frequency changer and gas ballast valve. System is assembled and wired ready for connection. VACUUM SYSTEM ECOFLEX 138L/MIN

Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Aspiration Advantage System Accessory, Footswitch

For use with Vacuum Aspiration Advantage System FOOT SWITCH FOR BIOVAC 106

Welch ILMVAC™ Rotary Vane Pump

Withstands large amounts of water vapor in the vacuum pump’s inlet vapor stream. Welch ILMVAC™ Rotary Vane Pump is low maintenance, compact, and exceptionally quiet. ROTARY VANE PUMP 7,2M3/H 2.10-2 MB6m3/h, 230V, 50/60Hz

Welch™ Oil Mist Separator for CRVpro Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

For use with CRVpro Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Oil mist separator AKD 16

Gardner Denver Welch™ Rotary Evaporator Connection Kit

Used for chemical duty diaphragm pumps. Rotary evaporator kit Welch Ilmvac

Welch™ MP 301 V Vacuum Pump


Welch Ilmvac™ Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Service and Maintenance Kit

Service and Maintenance Kits comprised of replacement seals and wearable parts for various models of diaphragm pumps. Maintenance kit with seals and wearable parts forFB65451, and other diapragm pumps

Welch™ Stainless Steel KF16 Thread Connector

Threaded connector KF16 - G1/4, SS

Welch Ilmvac™ Vacuum Pump Oil

One and two-stage rotary vane pump. Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Pump Oil designed for use with the range of Fisherbrand two-stage rotary vane pumps and with most other one and two-stage rotary vane pumps. Welch DirecTorr Gold vacuum pump oil, 5 (US)

Welch™ LVS 300 Z Laboratory Vacuum System

PUMP SYSTEM LVS300 MODULAR VACUUM MANUAL ANDautomatic control chemically resistant PTFE constr

Welch™ MP 301 Z Vacuum Pump

Use this standard dry vacuum pump for general vacuum pumping. Welch™ MP 301 Z Vacuum Pumps are ideal for vacuum filtration, desiccation and cell culture applications. VACUUM PUMP STANDARD 38L/MIN 8MBW / D / H: 230/265/169 mm

Welch™ WOB-L Piston Dry Vacuum Pump 2534

Perfect for many common laboratory vacuum applications. Welch™ WOB-L Piston Dry Vacuum Pump 2534 is reliable, easy to adjust, and easy to monitor. Wob-L dry vacuum / pressure pump with vacuum &pressure regulator & gauges

Welch™ Compact Aspiration/Filtration Vacuum Stations: Pipette, Receiver Kit and Filter

Accumulate waste liquids safe and easily. Aspiration systems prevent ingestion of fluids leading to vacuum pump failure. X1 Handheld pipettor set