S.C.A.T. Europe

S.C.A.T.™ Shut-off Angled

Shut-off angled, 1x GL25 (f) to 1x GL25 (m)

S.C.A.T. Europe™ Collecting Tray

The safety Collecting tray, HDPE. Collecting tray, PE-HD

Scat™ Polypropylene Stepped Fitting

Stepped fitting, curved 6,4 - 9,0 mm ID, PP

Scat™ Polypropylene Thread Adapter

Thread Adapter PP, S60 (f) to S55 (m)

SCAT Capillary Connector Fitting (F)

Color-coded and threaded waste cap capillary connector fitting. X5 Fitting f. capillary con. 3,2mm OD, PFA, yellow

S.C.A.T.™ Safety Cap IV

SafetyCap IV, GL 45, 4x 3,2mm OD

S.C.A.T.™ HDPE Safety Canister

Indicate critical fluid levels in time and avoid overflow with the S.C.A.T.™ HDPE Safety Canister. The container can be grounded to avoid electrostatic charge, especially when using in sensitive areas. Can 10 L, GL45, PE-HD, UN-Y approval

S.C.A.T.™ S 90 Safety Waste Caps

Use S.C.A.T.™ S 90 Safety Waste Caps to ensure maximum chemical resistance against organic solvents and other aggressive chemicals, and thus for optimum protection of health and environment. Constructed of PTFE and PE-HD, the exhaust vent filter absorbs 99% of all volatile substances that can evaporate from the containers during solvent disposal.. SafetyWasteCap S90, 4x2,3/3,2mm OD, 1x6,4 - 9mm ID

S.C.A.T.™ S 60/61 Safety Waste Caps

SafetyWasteCap, S60/61, 3x 2,3/3,2mm OD

S.C.A.T.™ HDPE Safety Funnel Balls

Use S.C.A.T.™ HDPE Safety Funnel Balls as a critical component of the plastic safety funnel used to facilitate the collection and disposal of hazardous waste liquids. Funnel w. ball, S60/61, cond., PE-HD

S.C.A.T.™ Straight Tube Fittings

Providing connection flexibility in the laboratory. Tube fitting, straight, 2 - 3mm ID, PP

S.C.A.T.™ Air Valve for Safety Caps

Use the S.C.A.T.™ Air Valve for Safety Caps to block harmful vapors and protect your solvent from contamination. Because it absorbs dust and contaminant particles from the surrounding air, the valve should be replaced every 6 months to ensure flawless operation. Air valve f. SafetyCaps, preparative, UNF 1/4" 28G

S.C.A.T.™ Polypropylene Thread Adapter

Thread Adapter PP, S60 (f) to GL45 (m)

Scat™ Plastic Capillary Connector Fittings

Use S.C.A.T.™ Plastic Capillary Connector Fitting accessories to complement and connect your SCAT Safety Caps. X5 Fitting f. capillary con. 3,2mm OD, PFA, blue

SCAT SafetyCap II, GL45

Extraction system receiver vessel safety cap with GL45 threads and connector fittings. SafetyCap II, GL45 + 2x PTFE-fittings 4,76 mm OD +preparative air valve

SCAT SafetyCap II, GL28

Extraction system receiver vessel safety cap with GL28 threads, and two connector fittings. Mini SafetyCap II, GL28, 2x 3,2mm OD

SCAT Desktop Mount, HDPE-EC

Can be integrated into nearly all working areas and in conjunction with a work table or fume cupboard for efficient transfer of liquid waste into connected waste systems. Desktop duct w. pipe 32mm OD+ 33,5mm OD to GL45(m)

S.C.A.T.™ HDPE Drain Adapter

Adapter process - thread G 1 1/2" inside

Scat™ SafetyCap IV

SafetyCap IV, GL45 with 4 shut-offs, 4x 3,2mm OD

SCAT Thread Adapter, PP

Securely connects threaded tubing of varying or similar size and gender. Thread Adapter PP, S60 (m) / 2" Tri-Sure (m)

S.C.A.T.™ Safety Funnel with Hinged Lid

Use the S.C.A.T.™ Safety Funnel with Hinged Lid for clean outflow without contaminating the container opening.The electrically conductive black funnels enable the lance to facilitate a safe additional grounding of the contents. Funnel w. lid, S55, cond., PE-HD and

Scat™ 2 Clamp Grounding Cable

Grounding Cable, 2 clamps, L=1,50m

SCAT SafetyCap III, GL38

Extraction system receiver vessel safety cap with GL38 threads and three connector fittings. SafetyCap III (GL 38)107512

S.C.A.T.™ Hook and Loop Fastener

Hook and loop fastener tape 2m

S.C.A.T.™ Large Exhaust Filter

SCAT Fass-Abluftfilter, groß 990g 2' Tri-Sure(BCS56x4)

S.C.A.T. Europe™ S60/61 Safety Funnel with Lid

Safety Funnel with lid and thread to be adapted on every canister, for safe and clean liquid handling, PE-HD or PE-HD elec, with removable sieve, 360° free turning. Funnel w. lid, S60/61, not cond., PE-HD

Scat™ Signal Cable

Signal cable for electr. level control 5m

SCAT SafetyWasteCap, S40/GL40 Thread

Safely connect your system waste tubes directly to your disposal system container via the ports in this cap. SafetyWasteCap, S40, 3x2,3/3,2mm OD

Scat™ HDPE Safety Funnels With Hinged Lid

Deckeltrichter, groß, mit Deckel, GL45, Leitfähig,herausneh. Sieb & Erdungskabel, H= 19cm

Scat™ Filter Adapter Port

Adapter f. capillary con. to ex. filter con., PTFE