Sample Bags

Cytiva Whatman™ Plastic Zipper Seal Storage Bag

Zipper storage bag for 903 Protein Saver Cards

Minigrip™ Resealable Write-on Bags

Label bag contents with ease. Minigrip™ Resealable Write-on Bags provide three white bars specifically designed for writing on with inkpen or marker.

Seward™ Stomacher™ Lab Blenders Bags and Opener

The Stomacher™ Bag range has been designed to fulfil all applications from sample blending, straining and storage, including bags designed for extensive blending and small samples for life science applications.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Stand-Up Sample Bags

Stand-Up Bags make it very easy to add material to the bag and to remove sample for testing or analysis. The flat bottom ensures stability and the wire tabs hold the top open for easy access.

Bryson Packaging™ Resealable Bags

Transparent and excellent for shipping, storage and as sample bags. Bryson Packaging™ Resealable Bags are made from polyethylene.

Seward™ Stomacher™ Bag Racks

Seward has developed a full range of Stomacher™ Accessories to help provide a safe and efficient working environment in your laboratory.

Fisherbrand™ Bags with Round-Wire Closure

Secure, contaminant-free, pliant container ensures dependable analysis results

Buerkle™ Steribags™ Sampling bags

Made of polyethylene and are exceptionally tearproof and leakproof. Buerkle™ SteriBags™ Sampling Bags are sterilized with tear-open closure and can be labelled.

Fisherbrand™ Twirl'EM™ Clear Polyethylene Sampling Bags

Collect solid, semi-solid or liquid samples in the laboratory using Fisherbrand™ Twirl'EM™ Clear Polyethylene Sampling Bags. The bags feature a twirl round metal wire closure system with safety tabs to provide a leakproof seal.

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ LDPE Sample Bags

Keep dry samples dry and moist samples moist with these LDPE sample bags, ideal for small lab items, botanical samples and other specimens.

Fisherbrand™ Polyethylene Sample Bags

For use in the laboratory to carry samples into a sterile environment.

Gosselin™ Resealable Plastic Bag, Double Pocket, PS

Corning™ Gosselin™ Resealable Plastic Bag, Double Pocket, PS, are suitable for a variety of storage uses.

Gosselin™ Pocket ZIP Bags

Provides an excellent transport and storage option for solid samples. Gosselin™ Pocket ZIP Bags are nonsterile and manufactured from PE plastic.

Cytiva Foil-Barrier Sample Bags

For use with 903 Protein Saver cards

Bryson Packaging™ Polyethylene Bags

Transparent and excellent for shipping, storage and as sample bags. Bryson Packaging™ Polyethylene Bags are resealable.

Buerkle™ SteriBag™ StandUp Polyethylene Sampling Bags

Buerkle™ SteriBag™ StandUp Polyethylene Sampling Bags are sterile sample bag with a stand-up base.

Steris Corporation™ Self-Sealing sterilization Pouches

Provides an effective means of sterilization, safe handling and storage of all items until the moment they are used. Steris Corporation™ Self-Sealing sterilization Pouches are CE marked for steam and EO gas.

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Sampling Bags with Flat-Wire Closures

An economical and efficient way to collect, contain and carry samples

Fisherbrand™ Polyethylene Sample Bags

For use in the laboratory to carry samples into a sterile environment.

Fisherbrand™ Bitran™ Specimen Storage Bags

Choice of Saranex™ odor-control film for long-term storage or polyethylene for short-term storage

Corning™ Autoclavable Blender Bags

For autoclaving contaminated products safely

Corning™ Sterile Polyethylene Blender Bags

Universal bags for homogeneous suspension

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Polyethylene Blender Bags

For all types of Stomacher machines and other paddle blenders. Fisherbrand™ Sterile Polyethylene Blender Bags are sterilized by irradiation.

Gosselin™ Polyethylene Homogenizer Blender Bags

View contents easily through clear polyethylene. Gosselin™ Polyethylene Homogenizer Blender Bags include white writing strip along one edge for content identification.

Wheaton™ Specimen Bag with Document Wallet, Plain

Specimen bag ideal for safe patient sample transport.

Bel-Art™ Polyethylene Utility Bags

Reusable, transparent bags are well-suited for shipping or storage and are especially useful as sample bags

Wheaton™ Specimen Bag with Document Wallet, Biohazard Print

Specimen bag ideal for safe patient sample transport.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Standard Sample Bags

Features puncture proof tabs for protection from damage due to wire-end protrusion. Nasco™ Whirl-Pak™ Easy-To-Close Bags are ideal for sampling and product analysis.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Trans-Pak™ Non-Sterile Specimen Sample Bag

Unique specimen transport bag designed with an outside pouch to separate important paperwork from the inside of the bag - eliminating misplaced documents while protecting those handling the specimen

Whirl-pak™ Hydrated PolySponge™ Sampling Bag with Sampling Sponge

Makes environmental surface sampling faster and easier