Hazardous Materials Storage and Disposal

Emballator UN Approved Cans

Made of HDPE. Emballator UN Approved Cans approved by NET for storage and transport of dangerous goods. DUNK 25L PE G 61 UN-GODK LID 15257348

Sharpsguard™ orange 0.5 Multi-Purpose 0.47L Sharps Container with Needle Remover

Ideal for community healthcare workers. Sharpsguard™ orange 0.5 Multi-Purpose 0.47L Sharps Container with Needle Remover is for disposal of sharps that have not been contaminated with medicinal products.
Sharps container DD442NR rectangularpolypropylene 0.5L yellow / red Sharpsbin, 1/Cs,

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Storage Boxes with Lid, Autoclavable, for 4mL Vials

Temperature resistant from -80° up to +100°. PP Storage Box for 4ml vials or 4ml shell vials, red, with cover (130 x 130 x 52mm),49 cavities

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Storage Box with lid, Autoclavable, For Headpsace-Vials

Temperature resistant from -80° up to +100°. PP Storage Box for 5ml, 10ml and 20ml Headspace-Vials, blue, with cover, 25 cavities

Azpack™ Polypropylene Storage Container

Keep food safe and ingredients fresh. Azpack™ Polypropylene Storage Container includes a snap on, airtight lid. STORAGE BOX SQUARE 6.5L

Sharpsguard™ orange 22 Multi-Purpose 17.86L Sharps Container with Pail Handle

Ideal for theaters, laboratories and sluice rooms with high volumes of hazardous waste. Sharpsguard™ orange 22 Multi-Purpose 17.86L Sharps Container with Pail Handle Lid is for disposal of sharps that have not been contaminated with medicinal products.

Daniels Healthcare™ Sharpsguard™ Polypropylene General Purpose Sharps Container

Use this general-purpose sharps container for outstanding protection against penetrating sharps and leaking fluids. Daniels Healthcarer™ Sharpsguard™ Polypropylene General Purpose Sharps Containers feature rigid polypropylene construction and wall thickness designed to meet demands for strength, simplicity and value. SHARPS CONTAINER DD473 PAIL TYPE POLYPROPYLENE7.0L yellow / red Sharpsbin, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Non-medicinal Sharps Container

Designed for use in public access areas such as A&E and out-patients.  Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Non-medicinal Sharps Container conforms to the UN standard covering the transport of dangerous goods. Sharps container Sharpsafe 4110 rectangular BS7320:1990, UN3291, polypropylene for incineration or

Azpack™ Polystyrene Storage Boxes

View contents easily with crystal clear construction. Azpack™ Polystyrene Storage Boxes keep laboratory tools and materials organized. X60 CRYSTAL BOXES WITH PUSH-FIT LIDS (PACK OF 60)

Justrite™ Flammables Undercounter Storage Cabinet

Helps to keep work area safely organized SAFETY CABINET 270L MANUAL

Justrite™ Smokers Cease-Fire™ Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Innovative design limits flow of oxygen to safely and quickly extinguish cigarettes Cigarette disposal unit Justrite smokers cease-fir

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ 144-Place PCR Tube Freezer Storage Boxes

Provide ULT freezer storage at temperatures down to -86°C X5 144 Place Freezer Storage Box

Emballator Cans With Snap on Handle

Made of HDPE. Emballator Cans With Snap on Handle is available in sizes between 2-10L. DUNK PE 10L G100 M.BYGE EX.LOCK, LOCK 130421200

Kautex™ HDPE Open Top Drum

Manufactured with HDPE for excellent chemical resistance. Kautex™ HDPE Open Top Drums provide sturdy, reliable storage for large quantities. UN wide-neck barrel PE-HD series 359 blue w/coverand tension ring 120 l

Gosselin™ Pipette Container

An excellent option for disposal of waste in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Pipette Container features a sturdy polypropylene plastic body. X16 Pipettes container 5L yellow

S.C.A.T™ SafetyWasteCaps

S.C.A.T™ SafetyWasteCaps for safe disposal of liquid waste. For maximum protection and efficient work with hazardous waste liquids. With multiple options to connect different tubing and capillary sizes. Discover the flexibility of the world's leading system for solvent safety! SafetyWasteCap, GL45, 3x 2,3/3,2mm OD

S.C.A.T™ Exhaust filter with Change Indicator for SCAT SafetyWasteCaps

The S.C.A.T™ exhaust filter adsorbs solvent vapors when collecting liquid waste. The carbon is steam activated and developed to capture vapors of organic solvents. Activate the change indicator by pushing the button, and stay informed about the elapsed service time. X4 Exchange packing S filter with splash guard andchange indicator

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste System

Minimize accidental spills and volatile emissions with the chemical- and break-resistant Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste System. 10 INCH SAFETY WASTE FUNNELHDPE PP CLOSURE WITH10L Bottle

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Storage Boxes with lid, Autoclavable, for EPA-Vials

Temperature resistant from -80° up to +100°. PP Storage Box for 20ml EPA-Vials, violet, with cover (130 x 130 x 80mm), 16 cavities

SCAT SafetyWasteCap, B63 Thread

Safely connect your system waste tubes directly to your disposal system container via the ports in this cap. SafetyWasteCap, B63

Justrite™ Sure-Grip™ EX Flammable Safety Cabinet

When using a Sure-Grip EX Flammable Safety Cabinets, these two-door and bifold door cabinets protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by allowing storage of flammable fuels and chemicals in code-compliant, sturdy 18-gauge steel structures. SAFETY CABINET 570L AUTOMATIC

S.C.A.T.™ 3-Way Collector

Collector (3-ways) f. HPLC con.

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste Funnel Systems

Temporarily contain waste on the benchtop or under the lab hood using Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste Funnel Systems. 10 INCH SAFETY WASTE FUNNEL HDPE PP CLOSURE

Fisherbrand™ Sharps Container with Slide Access Lid

Prevent direct contact with sharps and accidental needle sticks. Fisherbrand™ Sharps Container with Silde Access Lid provides safe disposal of syringes, needles and other small sharps. X18 CONTAINER SHARPSAFE 1L BIOHAZARD

Fisherbrand™ Biohazard Sharp Object Safety Pouch Stand

Offers protection against cuts by contaminated sharp objects during work in labs, clinics and medical offices Sharp Safety Pouch Stand

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Waste Disposal Can with Lift-up Cover

Bright, red safety disposal container suitable for biological/biohazard materials, broken glass, recyclables or other waste Biohazard Disposal Can with Lift-up coverPolypropylene

Azpack™ Chroma Gesellschaft™ Polypropylene Storage Containers

Azpack™ Chroma Gesellschaft™ Polypropylene Storage Containers for microwave, freezer, and storage use. Storage box square 3,5l Stewart

Justrite™ Stainless Steel Flame Arrester Screen & Lock Wire Replacement

Flame arrester screen & lock wire, replacementfor 4L cans and above stainless steel for SAT-771-

Sharpsguard™ orange mini 0.6L Multi-Purpose Sharps Container

Designed for ward or department trolleys and ideal for community use. Sharpsguard™ orange mini 0.6L Multi-Purpose Sharps Container is for disposal of sharps that have not been contaminated with medicinal products. Sharps container DD478 pail type polypropylene0.6L yellow / red Sharpsbin, 1/Cs, MA: TBD