First Aid and Medical

Micro-Haematocrit Tubes

Use either version of Jaytec Glass™ Micro-Haematocrit Tubes: Heparinised (for direct capillary blood) or non-heparinised (for venous blood); X1000 MICRO CAPILLARY TUBES PLAIN 50µL CAPACITY(PACK OF 1000) OF 1000)

Hamilton™ Small Hub Removable Needles (2.5 - 100μL Syringes)

Can be used with removable (RN)-style syringes that are 100μL and smaller. X6 Needles Hamilton RN standard point style 3

MP Biomedicals™ Chromagold™ HPLC Syringe Replacement Needles

Replacement Needle for Cat. No. 158571. CHROMAGOLDª HPLC SYRINGE REPLACEMENT NEED 3/PKG

SGE™ Replacement Needles for 10μL Syringes

Made of Stainless steel NEEDLE,10µL,0.47MM O.D.

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Replacement Probe for Headspace/Soil Gas Syringes

For use with Headspace/Soil Gas Syringes MAH-P HEADSPACE/SOIL PROBE

Hamilton™ Replacement Needles for Valco VISF-1 Injection Valve Syringes

Replacement needles for Valco VISF-1 injection valve syringes X6 RN Needle (22/19/3)L

Hamilton™ Custom Kel-F Hub Needles

Design controlled by a series of universal standards which guarantees compatibility between manufacturers. X6 KF NEEDLE (26/**/**)Länge 1 inch.

Hamilton™ Kel-F Hub Blunt Point Needles (Luer Lock)

Kel-F hub (KF) needles can be used with Luer Tip (LT) and PTFE Luer Lock (TLL) syringes and connectors. Standard needle length is 2 in. (51mm). Custom lengths and point styles are available. X6 Needles Hamilton Kel-F Hubpoint style 3 Kel-F

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Replacement Needle and Plunger Kit for Shimadzu Autosampler Syringes

Repair kit for Shimadzu Removable Needle Autosampler Syringes. NEEDLE,0.5µL,0.47MM O.D.

BD Microtainer™ Tubes with Microgard™ Closure

Designed for whenever only the smallest amounts of blood are required. BD Microtainer™ Tubes with Microgard™ Closure are color coded to correspond with the type of blood collection and are marked with the correct filling level for the anticoagulant. X200 Microtainer tube BD Microtainer lithiumheparin additive with BD Microgard closure integra

B Braun™ SB Stainless Steel Needle

X100 STERICAN special needles 1.1 x 40 mm

First Aid Kit Plasters

Use First Aid Kit Plasters as an integral part of your first aid kit supplies for workplace, school, or home. Plasters D8001/ 100 per pack 7.5 x 2.5cm fabric

3M™ Surgical Tapes

x12 3M Blenderm tape, 2.5cm

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator PTFE-Coated Needles

Use these needles to deliver gas and evaporate samples on the Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator.

X9 Needle Thermo Scientific React-Vap blunt end

Cadence Science™ Deflected Noncoring Septum Penetration Needles

Use in gas chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy procedures X12 NEDDLE INOX 18G-6' CUTTED

Fisherbrand™ Plastic PP Syringes, Luer Lock

HPLC certified, non sterile disposable syringes made of solvent robust polypropylene X100 10 ml Luer-Lok Plastic Disposable Syringe pac

Poulten & Graf GmbH Sanitex glass and metal syringe

Constructed from metal and glass. Poulten Graf™ Sanitex glass and metal syringes are perfect for measuring and dispensing liquids. SYRINGE FORTUNA OPTIMA LUER 20ML20 ml

Hamilton™ Instrument Syringe

SYRINGE 1025.5TLL 30MM1025.5

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Replacement Plungers for CTC Analytics Syringes

Replacement plungers for gas tight syringes. P1MD-CTC-EGT-HS 1ML PLUNGER

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Plungers for Syringes

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Plungers for Syringes are available for selected syringes from a variety of manufacturers. Ersatzstempel for 365H2321, 365H2381

Socorex™ Stainless Steel Injection Needles

Manufactured with Swiss made quality, Socorex™ Stainless Steel Injection Needles are Luer Lock needles that are reliable and durable. They include a dispensing box for easy and safe removal and dispensing of needles. X12 Needle 1.6x30mm /16Gx1 1/8'', beveled, Luer Lock, stainless steel

Hamilton™ Metal Hub Side Port Needles (Luer Lock)

Metal hub (nickel plated brass) needles can be used with TLL syringes and LT or TLL connectors. Needles are 304 stainless steel (sst.). Standard needle length is 2 in. (51mm). Custom needle lengths and point styles are available. X6 N NEEDLE (20/51/5)

Socorex™ Dosys Stainless Steel Dispensing Cannula

Lab canula 1.2x50mm, blunt end, Luer Lock, stainless steel

Reitenspiess™ Test Tube Brush with Wool Tip

Clean your test tubes using the Reitenspiess™ Test Tube Brush with Wool Tip. Use a test tube brush to clean your test tubes and other laboratory ware. Test tube brush with wool tip 15 mm

Hamilton™ 701N Model Syringe

701N 10UL (26S/50/AS) TQ

BD Oral Syringes

X500 BD 1 ml Oral Syringe, opaque, latex free (NonX500 Oral Syringe Amber 1ml

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Replacement Needles

For use with 10μL Syringes X5 DISPOSABLE NEEDLES PACK 5

Hamilton™ Metal Hub Sharp Non-Coring Needles (Luer Lock)

Metal hub (nickel plated brass) needles can be used with TLL syringes and LT or TLL connectors. Needles are 304 stainless steel (sst.). Standard needle length is 2 in. (51mm). Custom needle lengths and point styles are available. X6 N NEEDLE (27/51/2) 6/PK