Glassware Washers and Dryers

Miele Professional™ Insert AK 12

Insert AK 12 for holding different utensils

Miele Professional™ Dosing system

Dispenser module DOS G 60 for 5-10 litre canisters for self-dosing of liquid cleaning products and level control

Miele Professional™ Insert E 402

Insert E 402 for optimum loading of up to 44 watch glasses

Miele Professional™ Lower Basket A 150

Lower basket A 150 for the optimum loading of injector modules or inserts

Miele Professional™ Blind stopper for load carrier

Blind stopper E 362 for the sealing of fittings to load carriers

Miele Professional™ Insert E 149

Insert E 149 for optimum loading of 80 test tubes, 16 x 105 mm

Miele Professional™ Mobile Injector, Module A 304

Module A 304 for the optimum loading of up to 98 vials

Labconco™ SteamScrubber™ Glassware Washer

Clean glassware is essential in any lab. Labconco SteamScrubber™ Glassware Washer provides thorough, efficient, and economical cleaning that meets demanding laboratory standards.

Miele Professional™ Mobile Injector Unit E 355

Mobile unit E 355 for the optimum loading of narrow necked glassware

Miele Professional™ Dosing system

Dosing pump DOS 10/30 for G 7825/G 7826, can be installed

Miele Professional™ Miele Process Documentation

APH 591 Paper roll for PRT 100 report printer.

Miele Professional™ Injector Nozzle E 470

Injector nozzle E 470 for use in the mobile injector unit, Ø 2.5 x 90 mm

Labconco™ Test Tube Spindle Racks

May be used in place of Lower Standard Rack in any SteamScrubber™ or Lower Spindle Rack in any FlaskScrubber™ or FlaskScrubber Vantage™ Series Washer

Miele Professional™ Accessory large washer-disinfector

Holder E 476 for micro instruments with a Ø of 4-8 mm

Miele Professional™ Upper Basket for Narrow Necked Glassware

Upper basket O 187 for the optimum loading of narrow necked glassware

Miele Professional™ Insert

Insert E 105/1 for the optimum loading of test tubes up to 12 x 165mm

Miele Professional™ Appliance lid

Appliance lid DE-CS7-78 for the top cover on the machine, 70 cm deep, 90 cm wide

Miele Professional™ Accessory large washer-disinfector

Plinth SBW 27/28 including drip tray and openings for connecting services to PG 8527/28

Miele Professional™ Mobile unit

Module E 745/1 for the optimum loading of up to 104 pipettes

Miele Professional™ Mobile unit

Module E 945/2 for inserts

Miele Professional™ Mobile unit

Mobile unit E 775/1 for the optimum cleaning of instruments on 2 levels

Miele Professional™ Accessory large washer-disinfector

Magnets ML for automatic mobile unit recognition

Miele Professional™ Injector nozzle

Clamps E 354, height-adjustable for optimum positioning of laboratory glassware on the nozzle

Miele Professional™ Lab washer

Thanks to redesigned technical components, a wide range of monitoring functions, a number of configurable loading baskets, and more, the PG 8583 offers not just high levels of safety and efficiency, but a greater performance and reliability than previous models in the range.

Miele Professional™ Mobile unit

Mobile unit E 940 for the optimum loading of narrow necked glassware on 2 levels

Miele Professional™ Demineralisation Cartridge LP 2800

Demineralisation cartridge LP 2800, empty, for the manual filling of single use resins