Prepared Media Tubes

Merck Millipore Nutrient Media

Developed specifically for culturing microorganisms on membrane filters; select media type to match organism type and analytical test needs

Thermo Scientific™ Saline 0.85% Solution Tubes

Reduce diluent preparation time using convenient, pre-filled and ready-to-use 0.85% saline tubes.

Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ OF Medium w/1% Dextrose (Hugh-Liefson)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel OF Medium is for determination of oxidative and fermentative metabolism of carbohydrates by gram-negative bacilli.

Merck Millipore m-ColiBlue24™ Broth Culture Media

Simultaneously detects total coliforms and E. coli in water and beverages using standard membrane filtration equipment

Sartorius Biosart™ 100 Nutrient Media

Microbiological Nutrient Media for Filtration Units

MP Biomedicals™ EY Tellurite Enrichment

Used as a defoamer component. In hydrated form, it is used in toothpaste as a hard abrasive to remove tooth plaque. SiO

BD BBL™ Mycoflask™ Trypticase™ Soy Broth Prepared Media

Used for the cultivation of fastidious and nonfastidious microorganisms from a variety of clinical and nonclinical specimens

BD BBL™ Mycoflask™ Malonate Broth (Ewing Modified) Prepared Media

For the differentiation of coliforms and other enteric organisms