BioTek Instruments, Inc.


BioTek, now a part of Agilent, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative life science instrumentation including microplate readers, washers and dispensers.

Our products enable life science research by providing high performance, cost-effective analysis and quantification of biomolecules, biomolecular interactions and cellular structure and function across diverse applications.


Our innovative multi-mode and absorbance microplate readers lead the market in versatility, performance and value. Applications range from basic ELISA to high throughput detection.


Synergy LX Multi-Mode Reader

  • Monochromator based UV/Vis absorbance
  • High performance filter based fluorescence, luminescence
  • Optional touchscreen interface
  • Take3 plate compatible for low volume (2µL) nucleic acid and protein quantification

Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer

  • Monochromator based absorbance plate reader. Choose your wavelength without filters
  • UV and visible wavelength range
  • Temperature control to 65°C
  • Optional touchscreen interface
  • Take3 plate compatible for low volume (2µL) nucleic acid and protein quantification

800 TS Absorbance Reader

  • Filter based absorbance plate reader
  • Visible wavelength range
  • Touchscreen interface (PC control available too)
  • Optional temperature control to 50°C


Take3 and Take3 Trio Micro-Volume Plates

  • Low volume 2µL nucleic acid and protein quantification
  • Pre-programmed protocols in Gen5 Software
  • Absorbance and fluorescence detection
  • Read 2µL microspots, BioCells or standard cuvettes
Liquid Handling

BioTek's suite of instruments automate many processes including plate washing and dispensing for a wide range of life science applications.


MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser

  • 6- to 1536-well microplates in low profile, standard height and deep well formats
  • Broad volume range from 500 nL to 3 mL in 1 µL increments
  • Angled dispense tubes for sensitive cell-based assays
  • Easy to use color touch screen interface enables workflow automation within minutes

50 TS Washer

  • Automated strip based plate washer
  • 96 and 384-well plate washing
  • Magnetic bead and vacuum filtration options

BioTek's detection and liquid handling instruments offer superior performance, reliability and versatility. Gen5 Microplate Reader Software provides intuitive control for all detection systems, with powerful data analysis and flexible output capabilities. LHC software offers complete programming and control over microplate washing and dispensing operations. Both LHC and Gen5 software are provided in several editions, including 21 CFR Part 11 compliant editions of each. LHC software is also available with drivers for integration into SiLA compliant automated systems.


Gen5 Software

  • Multi-mode and single mode plate reader control
  • Powerful data analysis
  • Flexible, customizable data outputs; quick Excel export
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant available
  • IVD compliant edition available

Liquid Handling Software

  • Washers and dispenser control and programming
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant edition available
  • Optional SiLA compliant

Quantitative Assay Apps

  • Plate reading to results in minutes
  • 10-second plate map definition
  • Automatic curve fitting
  • Normalization & target volume calculation
  • Easy data export

BioTek™ BioCell™ Vessel and Adapter

For use with PowerWave™ HT, Eon and Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometers BioCell adapter plate assembly reads up to 8 BioCells

Bio Tek Instruments Synergy LX Multi-Mode Reader

Bio Tek Instruments Synergy LX Multi-Mode Reader is a low cost, easy to use, multi-mode reader addressing the most common endpoint microplate based assays SYNERGY LX Mulit-Mode Microplate Reader (SLXFTS)

BioTek™ Tape

Low Volume 1536-well Cassette Plastic Tips: 1 µL increments, 500 nL – 50 µL, 0.010” diameter molded

BioTek™ Fluorescence Filter

Filter : 340/11nm

BioTek™ Lamp Replacement Kit for ELx808™ Ultra Microplate Readers

Accessory for use with ELx808 Ultra Microplate Readers. LAMPA ELX808

BioTek™ 2 x 8-Well Manifold

For fast processing of 96-well plates X2 8-manifold for fast processing of 96-well plates (not for use with ''M'' configurations)

Biotek™ Fluorescence Filter

Filter : 516/20nm

BioTek™ 800TS Absorbance Reader

For measuring absorbance in microplate-based assays 800TS (800TSNB) Absorbance Microplate Reader: 6-,12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384-well, 400-750nm

BioTek™ 50TS Microplate Washer

For biomagnetic separation and vacuum filtration 50 TS Washer (50TS8)

BioTek™ Waste Tubing for ELx50™ Microplate Strip Washer

Accessory for BioTek ELx50 microplate washer Vacuum Tubing Set (With rubber stopper, for non-vacuum filtration models)

BioTek™ MicroFlo™ Select Dispenser Accessories

Accessories for use with the BioTek™ MicroFlo™ Select Microplate Dispenser.  Low Volume 1536-well Cassette Sapphire Jewled Stainless Steel Tips: 1 µL increments, 500 nL – 50 µL,

BioTek™ Supply Tubing Set for ELx50™ Microplate Strip Washer

Accessory for BioTek ELx50 microplate washer Dispense Tubing Set (For non-buffer switching models)

BioTek™ Microplate Washer Flat Magnets

For insertion into BioTek washer biomagnetic separation carriers 384-well Flat Magnet

BioTek™ Filters for ELx800™ Universal Microplate Readers

Accessory for use with ELx800 Universal Microplate Readers. Filter : 620nm

BioTek™ Liquid Handling Control Software

Full PC control provided by LHC™ Software leads to increased convenience when programming important assay-specific protocol requirements in a familiar Windows™ environment. Fisher Scientific - BioTek Liquid Handling Control Software is ideal for use with BioTek 405™ Touch Washer, 405™ LS Washer, ELx405™ Select Deep Well Washer, EL406™ Washer Dispenser and MultiFlo™FX Dispenser. Liquid Handling Control Software (LHC2SECURE)

Biotek Instruments™ Liquid Level Alert Kit

Liquid Level Alert System for 50 TS configurations without buffer switching

BioTek™ Filters for ELx800™ Absorbance Microplate Reader

Accessory for use with ELx800 Absorbance Microplate Reader. Filter : 650nm

BioTek™ Accessories for BioTek Microplate Readers

For use with Multi-mode, absorbance and monochromator based microplate readers. Filter : 590/20nm

BioTek™ Filter Cube

For use with Synergy LX FILTER cube : Blue : EX 360/40, EM 460/40, EM 400

BioTek™ Epoch2 Microplate Spectrophotometer

Biotek™ Epoch2 Microplate Spectrophotometer is available with a color touchscreen interface and cuvette port. Gen5 software included. EPOCH 2 Absorbance Microplate Reader (EPOCH2TSC)

BioTek™ Empty Filter Wheel

Empty Filter Wheel

BioTek™ Dichroic Mirror

Dichroic mirror : Half-size, 545nm

Biotek™ Half-size Dichroic Mirror

Dichroic mirror : Half-size, 525nm

BioTek™ Synergy LX Spare Luminescence Filter Cube

For ELISA, flourescence ELISA, protein quantification, nucleic acid quantification FILTER cube : Spare LUM

BioTek™ 8 and 12-Channel Manifolds for ELx50™ Microplate Strip Washer

Accessories for BioTek ELx50 microplate washer 12-well manifold

BioTek™ Take3™ and Take3 Trio Micro-Volume Microplates

Take3 and Take3 Trio Micro-Volume plates expand functionality of the BioTek microplate spectrophotometers, multi-mode and Hybrid readers, while reducing sample volumes, costs and time required for routine quantification Micro-Volume Plate (TAKE3): Capacity for 16 2 µL samples, 1 Cuvette and 2 Biocells

Biotek Instruments™ Filter

Silencing Muffler

BioTek™ Gen5™ Data Collection and Analysis Software

Compatible with BioTek microplate readers. BioTek Gen5 Data Collection and Analysis Software has a contemporary interface which provides easy access to all major functions of the software including reading parameters, plate layout, data reduction, online help, wizards, tutorials and sample protocols. Gen5 Analysis Software (GEN5SECURE)

Blue Test Dye, 10X Concentrate, BioTek

For use with ELx405 and ELx50 Microplate Washers 125ML Solution #2: 10x Concentrate Blue Test Dye.Used for ELx405, ELx50, 50 TS and MicroFill qualif


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