Glass Beads, Stopcocks and Specialty Glass Labware

Anti-Bumping Granules, Extra Pure, Fused Alumina, SLR, Fisher Chemical

Added to liquids to make them boil more calmly. 1KG Anti-bumping granules, extra pure, fused alumina, SLR

Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Duran™ Tubing Gas Washing Bottle without Filter Disc

Gaswaschflasche m. Schraubverbindungen Aufsatz n.Drechsel, Höhe verstellbar

Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Duran™ Tubing Gas Washing Bottle with Filter Disc

Gaswaschflasche m. Schraubverb. Aufsatz n.Drechsel, Höhe verstellb., Fritte P1

Sartorius™ Glass Beads

Use with a micro-dismembrator and holding vessel to grind or beat frozen or rigid materials. Sartorius™ Glass Beads can only be used for wet or liquid samples. GLASPERLEN D./MM 0,10...0,11 (ZUB./ DISMEN-BRATOR U)

Duran™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Flange Bell Jars

DURAN Bell jars with knob, for vacuum use, 250 x 185 mm

ACROS Organics™ Boiling stones, for preparative work

For preparative work 50GR Boiling stones, for preparative work

Saint-Gobain Chemware™ PTFE Solid Balls

Minimize “bumping” in boiling X100 SPHERES SOLID PTFE 9.5MM

BRAND™ PTFE/ Polypropylene Straight Bore Stopcock

PTFE construction with polypropylene valve lever. Provides outstanding chemical resistance. Includes integrated hose nozzles. Stopcock, PTFE, one-way with nozzles f. tub. inner dia. 8mm bore4mm

Duran™ Gas Washing Bottle

Manufactured from borosilicate glass. DURAN™ Gas Washing Bottle is used with gaseous mediums. DURAN Gas washing bottle base, 100ML

Azpack™ Quartz Wool

Filter acids and hot gases or use as a stopper for combustion tubes. Azpack™ Quartz Wool can be exposed to temperatures up to 1050°C. 10 GR QUARTZ WOOL,FOR FILTRATION 4µM (PACK OF 10G)

Buerkle™ Plastic Two-Way Valve

Two and three-way valves are used for transfer of liquids or gases in order to release the flow, to block it or to change its direction. VENTIL 2-WEGE, PE, 11 - 13 MM, 8 MM

Buerkle™ Plastic Three-Way Valve

Excellent for industrial use. VENTIL 3-WEGE, PE, 11 - 13 MM, 8 MM

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Gas Bubbler

Used with mineral oil to observe gaseous addition to reactions BUBBLER MINERAL OIL

Saint-Gobain PTFE Boiling Stone

Use these PTFE chips to promote gentle, efficient boiling and help prevent overheating of highly volatile liquids. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Chemware™ PTFE Boiling Stones are not affected by acids, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols or alkalis. Chemware®-Siedesteine aus PTFE VE=450 g

Cole-Parmer™ 3-way Stopcock

Regulate flow without any leaking with these stopcocks. Cole-Parmer™ Three-Way Stopcocks feature a male luer lock, PC body and an HDPE stem. Handle rotates 180 degrees. X10 Stopcocks with Luer Connections, 3-way, malelock

Pyrex™ Spare PTFE keys for Pyrex™ Stopcock

For use with Pyrex Stopcock X5 Spare PTFE Stopcock Keys 1.5mm Straight Bore

Quickfit™ Air Condensers

Simple condensers for condensation of materials with boiling points above 150°C. AIR CONDENSER 150MM 19/26

Acros Organics™ Quartz Wool

100GR Quartz wool, coarse, 9-30 micron

Cole-Parmer™ 3-Way Large Bore Stopcock

Perfect for handling higher flow volumes in process while using connections similar to luer systems. Cole-Parmer™ 3-Way Large Bore Stopcock is non-sterile and not approved or intended for medical, clinical, surgical or other patient oriented applications. X10 STOPCOCK 3-WAY MALE LOCK

Pyrex™ Borosilicate Glass High Vacuum Double Bore Stopcock

Constructed of Borosilicate glass. Pyrex™ Borosilicate Glass High Vacuum Double Bore Stopcock keys and barrels are precision ground together in matched pairs for optimum performance. Each key and barrel are numbered to ensure they are always paired together. All side-arms are 100mm in length. Stopcock high vacuum double oblique bore borosilicate glass glass key 2mm bore Springham

Duran™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Flange Reaction Vessel

Made of borosilicate glass. DURAN™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Flange Reaction Vessel is essential for many laboratory functions. DURAN Reaction vessel, flat flange, with groove, for vacuum use, DN 100, 1L

Duran™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Flange Beakers

DURAN Beaker, flat flange, with groove, for vacuum use, DN 150, 1L

Duran™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Flange Lids

DURAN Lids, flat flange, DN 120, 4 std. ground necks, CS NS 29/32, SS NC 2X29/23 ANGLED, 1X14/23 PAR

Quickfit™ Allihn Condenser with Ground Cone

Ideal for reflux applications. Condenser Allihn borosilicate glass 250mm effective length, 365mm overall length 40/38 cone

Karl Hecht Assistent™ Glass Beads

Made of clear glass. Karl Hecht™ Assistent™ Glass Beads can be used for packing distillation columns. 1 KG GLASS BEADS 4 MM, 1/CS, MA: HEC-1401/4

IKA™ Glass Balls

Measures 6mm in diameter. IKA&trade Glass Balls are for use with BMT Tubes. GLASSBEADS (SILIBEADS) 250G 6MM(250 g)